Kathleen Bergen

Associate Research Scientist


PhD, University of Michigan (Resource Ecology and Management)

MS, University of Illinois (Information Science)

BS, Western Illinois University (Geography)

(734) 615-8834


Associate Research Scientist Kathy Bergen, PhD, is an ecologist who combines field and geospatial data and methods to study the pattern and process of ecological systems, biodiversity and health. She also strives to build bridges between science and social science. What motivates her work is recognition of the complexity of the relationship of humans and ecological systems. These relationships and their emergent properties can be studied at different spatial scales and levels of biological organization. Knowledge gained from field studies, geospatial data, and analysis can be used to build models that help scientists to understand the implications of human actions on the social and natural systems of which they are a part and particularly on the health of people and ecosystems.

  • USDA Forest Service: SNRE Forest Properties: Forest Research, Data Sharing and Outreach. PI Kathleen Bergen (UM SNRE), (USDA Forest Service) ($60,001) 2015-2017.

  • NASA:  LCLUC SYNTHESIS: Forested Land Cover and Land Use Change in the Far East of the Northern Eurasia Under the Combined Drivers of Climate and Socio-Economic Transformation.  PI Kathleen Bergen with Co-I Josh Newell and Dan Brown (SNRE); Tatiana Loboda (University of Maryland); Co-I Hank Shugart, (University of Virginia) (NASA Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Program) ($999,144 total; $476,788 Michigan/SNRE) 20012-2015.

  • USDA Forest Service: Broadening Research Contexts for the SNRE Forest Properties Through Collaboration with the IFRI Program. PI Kathleen Bergen (UM SNRE), (USDA Forest Service) ($60,001) 2010-2012.

  • NASA:  Grassland Ecosystems and Societal Adaptations under Changing Grazing Intensity and Climate on the Mongolian Plateau. Co-I Kathleen Bergen with PI Dan Brown and Co-I Arun Agrawal (University of Michigan SNRE); and Co-Is Yichun Xie and William Welsh (Eastern Michigan University). (NASA Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Program) 2009-2012.

  • NASA: A Segmentation Approach for Combining RaDAR Backscatter, InSAR and LiDAR Measurements to Determine Vegetation 3d Structure and Biomass from Space.  Co-I Kathleen Bergen with PI Paul Siqueira (University of Massachusetts), Co-I Bruce Chapman, (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Co-I Richard Lucas, University of Wales, AU), (NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program) (2009-2012).



UM-wide Research Scientist Achievement Award

SLA Geography & Map Division Bulletin Award (for best article pub. in the Bulletin)

Donald H. Wing Award' (for best graduate research paper), School of Information Science, University of Illinois

Western Illinois University Gamma Theta Upsilon Award for outstanding undergraduate research paper

Listed in Who’s Who in America, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008 (and invited subsequently)


NASA Headquarters DESDynI Ecology Science Study Team (2008-2012).

Workshop Organizing Committee, NASA Vegetation 3D Structure and Biomass (2007- 2008).

NASA DESDYNI (space sensor data and mission) planning committees (2006- Present).

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