Dima Beletsky

Research Scientist


PhD, Russian Academy of Sciences (physical limnology, oceanography)

MS, Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Marine Engineering)

(734) 741-2360


Dima Beletsky, PhD, has been with the SNRE Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (joint Institute between University of Michigan and NOAA) since 1995. His research expertise lies in the hydrodynamics of lakes and coupling lake physics with biological processes. Since the beginning of his career in limnology in Russia, he has worked on hydrodynamics and climatology of several large lakes in Europe (Ladoga and Onega), North America (Lake Champlain, Lake St. Clair, Lakes Michigan, Erie, Ontario and Huron), and the Baltic Sea. 

  • Beletsky, D. (PI) Hosting 2016 IAHR International Symposium on Ice (NOAA GLERL) $39,000 

  • Beletsky, D. (PI) Lake Circulation and GLCFS: Can HRRR meteorological forcing conditions be used to improve hydrodynamic forecasting skill? (NOAA GLERL) $29,000 

  • Duhaime, M., K. Wigginton, D. Beletsky (Co-PI). Microplastics in the Great Lakes: Towards establishing a long-term multidisciplinary research platform to assess the impact of microplastics on Laurentian Great Lakes ecosystem health. (UM WATER Center, 2014-2015) $270,463 

  • Mason, D., E.S. Rutherford, A. Adamack, H.Zhang, D. Beletsky (Co-PI). Assessing risk of Asian carp invasion and impacts on Great Lakes food webs and fisheries. (USFWS, 2011-2014) Total project cost $595,992. $551,409 

  • Lodge, D.M., L. Chadderton, R. Jensen, E.S. Rutherford, D. Beletsky (Co-PI) et al. Forecasting spread and bioeconomic impacts of aquatic invasive species from multiple pathways to improve management and policy in the Great Lakes. (NOAA CSCOREPA GLRI), 2010-2015. Total project cost $4,949,120. $585,665


Scientific Achievement Award, CILER, University of Michigan (2007).

Outstanding Scientific Paper Award, NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (2006).

Best Scientific Paper Award, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (2004).

Chandler-Misener Award, International Association for Great Lakes Research (2008, 2015).

AGU Editor’s Highlight paper (2012).

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