Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative

Students with a strong environmental background participate in MELDI and LIMFEF ( Leadership Initiative for Minority Female Enviromental Faculty) as research assistants. They conduct interviews, identify study participants and administer databases. Through work in these initiatives, students also meet recruiters brought to campus, organize and participate in career development workshops and national environmental conferences, like MELDI's National Summit on Diversity in the Environmental Field. As part of the effort to raise awareness about these initiatives, students interview and develop profiles of outstanding minority professionals in the environmental field, while getting recognition for their efforts.

Please visit the MELDI website for more information on both MELDI and LIMFEF.

Check out MELDI and LIMFEF if you are interested in:

  • Demographic Analyses
  • Labor market or workforce dynamic
  • General interest in the environmental field
  • Understanding of social inequalities
  • Growth and direction of the environmental movement
  • Social research: surveys, interviewing, statistical analysis, theoretical testing and analysis