MotorCities Community Grant Program

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Contact Name: 
Lori Sargent
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313-259-3425 x 307
Application Deadline: 
May 1, 2011
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Applicant Eligibility: 
Applicant Eligibility Comments: 

Eligible applicants include active members of the MotorCities Stewardship Communities and Affiliates. A Stewardship Community is a collaborative effort among non-profit organizations, educational institutions, local or regional governmental organizations, and other interested parties. Eligible Grant projects must physically reside within one of the MotorCities identified Stewardship Communities and/or Affiliates. Applications shall propose activities that fulfill the goals of the Grant program. Applicants must be organizations described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are not private foundations within the meaning of Section 509 (a). In appropriate circumstances, the use of fiscal agents will be considered.

Environmental Education
Social sciences
up to $10,000
Funding Abstract: 

The MotorCities National Heritage Area Community Grant Program is designed to encourage, support and grow community-based automotive heritage and labor based initiatives within the National Heritage Area. The main objective of the MotorCities Community Grant Program is to support the implementation of our General Management Plan (GMP). The Grant Program funds projects that accomplish one or more of the following MotorCities Grant Program Goals:

  • Expands educational opportunities




  • for K-12 students and institutions of higher learning associated with the region’s auto industry.
  • Encourages revitalization

  • efforts that preserve and promote our rich automotive and labor heritage.
  • Inspires interpretation

  • of historically significant people, places and ideas that made our industry and region great.
  • Increases tourism

  • that is tied to the auto industry and its history and heritage.
  • Type of Funding: 
    Funding Comments: 

    The MotorCities National Heritage Area Community Grant Program is a traditional 50% match program. It is geared toward applicants who have the 50% match at the time of application. Projects should be able to be completed within 12 months and can not exceed a total budget of $10,000.

    Application Process and Required Materials: 

    Application includes:

    • Application form
    • Narrative (3 pages double-spaced)
      • Describe proposed project and how it fulfills the goals of the MotorCities National Heritage Area Grant Program
      • Timeline & qualifications
      • Evaluation process
      • Evidence that the project can be completed within 18 months
    • Budget
    • Partnership resources
    Fund Usage: 
    Project implementation, education programs, feasibility studies
    Funding Restrictions: 

    Grants will not be made for the following types of projects:

    Projects that do not support the implementation of the approved MotorCities General Management Plan or current activities, projects not located within the service areas of the recognized Stewardship Communities and/or Affiliates, General Operating Expenses, computer and/or computer systems, buildings or Equipment, unless a part of a rehabilitation project of a historic building, off-site costs associated with school field trips, including but not limited to bus rental expenses and venue admissions; endowments, requests from individuals, conferences and Annual Meetings