Research Associateship Programs

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May 1, 2011
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Applicants to the Research Associateship Programs must have earned a Ph.D., Sc.D., M.D., D.V.M., or academically equivalent research doctorate before beginning tenure. If you have not received the degree, the graduate dean, registrar, or recorder (not the department chairman or major professor) must certify in writing--directly to the Associateship Programs Office--that you have met all requirements for the degree. The National Energy Technology Laboratory Methane Hydrates Fellowship Program (NETL/MHFP) supports highly qualified postgraduate students in the advancement of Methane Hydrate science by making awards to M.S., Ph.D., and Postdoctoral level candidates.

Air Quality
Ecological studies
Green development
Research/field research
Systems Thinking/Complexity Science
Varies depending on position and duration
Funding Abstract: 

The National Research Council has conducted the Research Associateship Programs in cooperation with sponsoring federal laboratories and other research organizations approved for participation since 1954.  Through a national competition, the NRC recommends and makes Research Associateship awards to outstanding scientists and engineers, at the postdoctoral and senior levels, for tenure as guest researchers at the participating laboratories.  A limited number of opportunities are available for support of graduate students in select fields.

The objectives of the Research Associateship Programs are (1) to provide postdoctoral and senior scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability opportunities for research on problems, largely of their own choice that are compatible with the interests of the sponsoring laboratories and (2) to, thereby, contribute to the overall efforts of the laboratories.  For recent doctoral graduates, the Research Associateship Programs provide an opportunity for concentrated research in association with selected members of the permanent professional laboratory staff.   For established scientists and engineers, the Research Associateship Programs afford an opportunity for research without the interruptions and distracting assignments of permanent career positions.

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Fellowship includes insurance coverage and relocation stipend.

Application Process and Required Materials: 

Application consists of:

  • General information, including educational background, program request, research proposal, honors and awards, employment, and list of references
  • Previous and current research
  • Abstract of and detailed research proposal
  • Reference reports
  • Transcripts
  • Immigration forms (for foreign nationals)
Fund Usage: 
Stipend, research, general support
Funding Restrictions: 

Stipends for Associates are limited to the amounts set forth by the NRC and the sponsoring federal laboratory and any other arrangement, formal or informal, between an applicant and laboratory personnel for additional monies or other considerations is strictly prohibited.

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