School of Natural Resources and Environment


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SNRE Assistant Research Scientist Jeremiah Johnson has been quoted in a U.S. News Article today regarding President Obama's energy policy in the context of the State of the Union Address.  Johnson, interviewed for his specialization on energy policy, predicted that the President will emphasize the "energy independence theme" due to increased oil production and lower imports as well as the expansion of wind and solar energy in recent years. 

Rosina Bierbaum

On Wednesday, January 15, Rosina Bierbaum spoke at the 2014 Investor Summit on Climate Risk, the preeminent forum for leading global investors to discuss the implications of climate change for capital markets. Bierbaum's presentation, " Perfect Storm: The Physical and Economic Impacts of Climate Change," was the only science keynote on climate change at the forum.

You've probably never seen a bird like this before.  

SNRE students have -- during a three-hour ornithology lab (EEB/NRE 433) where each student got to prepare their own study skin, the technical term for an animal that is prepared and stored for the purpose of scientific research.

Unlike taxidermied mounts, study skins are unposed and arranged in neat rows inside of airtight cabinets, usually inside of a natural history museum where they can stay for 200 years or more.

Josh Newell

Back alleys, vacant lots and underutilized urban spaces hold great potential for fostering more sustainable cities, if they can be reimagined and transformed into multidimensional green infrastructure that simultaneously delivers environmental, social and economic benefits, says Joshua Newell, assistant professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment.