EPP: Alumni Mentorship Program

At the end of the winter semester last year, students in the Environmental Policy & Planning (EPP) Working Group held a visioning session to determine how to improve the EPP track in SNRE. The end product of the session was an action plan that outlines planned activities for the EPP Working Group for this academic year and goals for the longer term. One of these planned activities was to initiate the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) for the EPP track, which would allow current students to connect with alumni that share similar interests and serve as mentors in resume building, learning new skills, things to expect from the job hunt, etc. The EPP Working Group intends to use this is as a pilot program and if successful, create a guide for the other tracks to use to start their track’s own AMP.

AMP was successfully started in October of this year, with the help of the Career Services office and 2nd year EPP students Hannah Erickson, Lisa Wan, and Kevin Le. Over the summer, they contacted alumni to gauge interest in being involved in the program, and once alumni had been matched with students, AMP was born. Involvement in the program at the minimum requires student/mentors to check-in with each other once a month to discuss a multitude of issues: how to find jobs, when to start applying for jobs, how to frame resumes, additional skills needed to acquire prior to graduation, among others.

The EPP Working Group hopes that AMP can be expanded to all tracks and become an institutionalized program at SNRE every year.