SNRE's own Sustainability Without Borders develops partnership with NGO in Liberia, More Than Me

This past summer, a group of University of Michigan graduate students from the College of Engineering and the School of Natural Resources and Environment traveled to Liberia, West Africa as members of the student organization Sustainability Without Borders.  Sustainability Without Borders (SWB) is an interdisciplinary organization whose objective is to create a network of sustainability practitioners who develop and implement sustainability projects in rural areas of developing countries.  The students participated in multiple projects and collaborated with non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and institutions of higher education institutions to initiate these projects.


Of the many organizations that Sustainability Without Borders is collaborating with is the More-Than-Me Foundation.  This organization was founded by an American woman named Katie Meyler who has been working with at-risk young females in the West Point slum in Monrovia, which is one of the worst slums in the world.  She is truly passionate about the social development and education of Liberia’s youth.  The government of Liberia donated a building to More-Than-Me, which is currently being renovated to serve as a school for at-risk females in the West Point Slum.  The building is being designed as a model for social, environmental, and economic sustainability through renovations slated to include a bio digester, solar-powered computer lab, rooftop garden, and other features, which will not only lead to increased success for the students but also a more sustainable future.  By partnering with More-Than-Me, SWB will be able to provide tools and knowledge to allow these girls to become a part of the network of sustainability at the global level.  To learn more about Katie’s organization and the girls that she is helping, check out this!


More-Than-Me has been selected to vie for the Chase Community Giving Awards – if the organization wins, More-Than-Me could receive 1 million dollars!  The competition is based on voting, which can be done using Facebook.  Just click here to vote.  It is very simple – just like the Facebook page and cast your vote.  Voting can only be done once (unless you are a Chase customer – then you get two votes!), and begins TODAY!   Please vote for More-Than-Me!  This could not only provide young females in West Point with a truly life-changing opportunity, but would also provide SWB with the opportunity to engage in sustainable design, education and outreach. 


Want to get involved?  Curious about other projects?  Contact Sustainability Without Borders.  Check the organization out on Facebook!