BEAR: Building Environmental Awareness and Relationships

Hey you - a wise, intelligent, driven, focused graduate student with your life pulled together, with a plan, with a project, with some idea of what you want to be when you grow up .... remember when you didn't?


Remember when you were an undergrad and had no idea what you were doing, where you were going, what you liked, or how to do your own laundry, cook an egg, or fix a bike tire?


Those undergrads still exist and could use a little of your wise advice. PitE club presents BEAR (Building Environmental Awareness and Relationships), a student-run mentorship program between PitE and environmentally-focused graduate students from SNRE, EEB, Urban Planning, Public Health, and other related fields.


Students interact in a variety of ways - through one on one relationships, group events, and smaller coffee sessions (all planned by PitE Club!). The program will feature SNRE/grad student and alumni information on a secure website. PitE students can visit the site, search various key terms, such as "Peace Corps," "rock climbing “or” urban planning" and see resulting bios and information of grad students. From there, PitE students reach out to grads with questions, a coffee/met-up request to hear and learn more about experiences. The mentorship will be initiated by PitE students and fostered by PitE Club.


Our first event will be held October 25, 5-7pm. It will be a meet-and-greet (& dinner!) with a chance to get to know participants in the program.  Interested?

There is still time to RSVP:


Interested in being a mentor? Join the listserv to stay "in the know" about upcoming events, coffee dates, and opportunites. Email to be added! This is an informational listserv and is not binding to any events.


This entire program is entirely voluntary and you can put in as much or as little time as you like and can afford per semester. We will be sending out a questionnaire to garner your interests and background, as well as your time commitment and availability. "Email only" will be one of the options - so if this semester is looking pretty tight, you can still be involved. You can be added or removed from the site at any time.


Please contact Rebecca Guerriero ( for any questions or to be added to the listserv.