SNRE Professor Dr. Rosina Bierbaum

President Obama to release National Climate Assessment

The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee will meet Tuesday, May 6 at 8 am EDT to approve the final version of the 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment. The report will be posted online. At 2 pm EDT on May 6, the White House is hosting (and will webcast live) a stakeholder event that will feature speakers from the Administration, National Climate Assessment authors, and users of the report.


2:00     Opening Remarks - DR. JOHN HOLDREN

2:10     Description of the format of event, NCA process, and overarching report findings - DR. JERRY MELILLO, Marine Biological Laboratory & NCADAC Chair

2:25     Panel 1: Report Findings

  • Moderator: DR. GARY YOHE, Wesleyan University & NCADAC Vice Chair
  • New evidence for human-driven climate change (including latest IPCC): DR. DON WUEBBLES, University of Illinois & NCADAC Executive Secretariat & NCA3 CLA, Our Changing Climate
  • Projections: THOMAS KARL, NOAA National Climatic Data Center & NCADAC Executive Secretariat
  • Regional Impacts: DR. RADLEY HORTON, Columbia University & NCA3 CLA, Northeast
  • Health: DR. KIM KNOWLTON, Natural Resources Defense Council & NCA3 CLA, Human Health
  • Agriculture: DR. GENE TAKLE, Iowa State University & NCA3 CLA, Agriculture
  • Coasts: DR. SUSI MOSER, Susanne Moser Research and Consulting & NCADAC Executive Secretariat & NCA3 CLA, Coasts

3:00     Introduction of Keynote - MIKE BOOTS, Acting Chair CEQ

3:05     Keynote Remarks - DR. KATHY SULLIVAN

3:15     Panel 2Using Climate Change Information

  • Moderator: TC RICHMOND, Van Ness Feldman & NCADAC Co-Chair
  • Adaptation: DR. ROSINA BIERBAUM, University of Michigan & NCADAC & NCA3 CLA, Adaptation & PCAST
  • Municipal Responses: KRISTIN JACOBS, Broward County Florida
  • Tribal: DR. BULL BENNETT, Kiksapa Consulting & NCADAC & NCA3 CLA, Indigenous Peoples, Lands & Resources
  • Private Sector Responses: LINDENE PATTON, Zurich NA
  • Reaching the Media: DR. ED MAIBACH, George Mason University & NCADAC
  • Education:  MARK MCCAFFREY, National Center for Science Education

3:50     Closing Remarks - JOHN PODESTA