Adlerstein on the 'Green Room'

Adlerstein interviewed by Ann Arbor's 'Green Room' about her art and science

Sara Adlerstein, an associate research scientist at the University of Michigan, uses quantitative modeling to investigate ecosystems. But she also embraces art as a way to reflect on nature.

She was interviewed recently by SNRE alumna Barbara Lucas, who is the host of the 'Green Home," a show that appears on Ann Arbor Public Access.

An accomplished artist with national and international exhibits to her credit, Adlerstein display her artwork in the Dana Building’s Art & Environment Gallery. Her show, “Water Blues,” is open during regular business hours through December.

“In my world, art and science belong together as naturally as air and water. Both inform my work “influencing my approach,” said Adlerstein, who joined the School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2001. “Observation, experimentation, improvisation, making comparisons, searching for patterns and answers all come together within the creative process. As such I have developed my own mixed media techniques and my research influences the subject of my paintings. The process has been magical, nurturing and informative.”

Watch the interview