Master's Projects at SNRE

What is a Master's Project?

Master's projects are interdisciplinary problem-solving experiences conducted by groups of Master's degree students as the capstone of their academic programs at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment.  Projects provide students with a team experience that approximates a future work environment while also providing client organizations with solutions to complex environmental issues and useful products. These projects focus the substantial capabilities of our students and faculty on problems faced by real-world clients.  Project ideas are developed by faculty, students, or clients. Please contact us with any questions or ideas.

Master's Project Client Fair - January 2016 

SNRE Master's Projects In the News

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When to Submit Master's Project Ideas

  • Final deadline: December 1, 2016

Open and Archived Projects

  • "Open Projects" are projects that were started in the previous year and are currently being finished. 
  • "Archived Projects" are recent master's projects that have been completed. 

Searching for Past Projects

  • You can search for older past projects by visiting U-M's Deep Blue system
  • Click on "Browse Collections" then "Natural Resources and Environment."  You can search for past projects by title, author, subject, or date.

If you cannot find an electronic copy of a master's project report on U-M's Deep Blue System, you can contact the U-M Shaprio Science Library at (734) 764-7490 (select option 2) to see if a bound copy of the report is available.  If there is only one copy available, you (anyone) can read the copy in the library.  If there is more than one copy, you may check it out (if affiliated with U-M).

How to Submit a Project Idea

  • Click here to learn how to submit a project idea.  
  • Deadline to submit an idea:  December 1st.  Although project ideas will be accepted until December 1st, we strongly advise you to submit your project ideas early to allow more time for students to review available research topics.
FAQ button

Students: If you have a question about Master's Projects, please click on the link above.  The FAQ page also contains a list of people that can help you with various aspects of your project.