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Job Opening ID: 137673

Project: Evaluating Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs in the Design, Planning & Management of Urban Forests

A Research Associate is sought to assist with a novel multidisciplinary research project that will investigate new approaches to community engagement and urban reforestation that integrate structured decision making, 3D landscape visualization and video game technology. The goal of the project is to design, develop and evaluate a decision support system (DSS) based on the Unity3D game engine and Rhino 3D/Grasshopper software to be applied in urban forest decision making in Detroit.

Working with Dr. Mark Lindquist, Dr. Victoria Campbell-Arvai, Dr. Bruce Maxim and a team of computer science students on the development and programming of the DSS as well as contributing to the design, coordination and conduct of focus groups with community partners to identify required inputs to the DSS. These efforts will also include the review and interpretation of transcripts from the focus groups. The Research Associate may be asked to contribute to the preparation of reports and manuscripts from this research.