Sustainable Systems Themes - Course List

Mobility/Transportation Systems

Sample courses

  • NRE 567                       Transportation Energy and Climate  (W)
  • NRE 557/CEE 586         Industrial Ecology (W)
  • AERO 536                     Electric Propulsion (F)
  • AUTO 599                     Analysis and Control of Alternative Powertrains (W, alternate years)
  • ME 566                         Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (W)
  • M 499                           Special Topics in ME Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems (F) 

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Energy Systems

Sample courses

  • NRE 567                      Transportation Energy and Climate (W)
  • NRE 557/CEE 586       Industrial Ecology (W)
  • AERO 536                   Electric Propulsion (F)
  • AUTO 599                   Analysis and Control of Alternative Powertrains (W, alternate years)
  • ME 566                       Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (W)
  • ME 499                       Special Topics in ME Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems (F)

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Built Environment

Sample courses

  • NRE 501                   Sustainable Cities (TBD)
  • NRE 501.031            Urban Agriculture (W)
  • NRE 501.039            Land Use and Global Change (F)
  • NRE 531                   Principles of GIS (W)
  • NRE 576/UP 576      Brownfield Redevelopment (F every other year)
  • NRE 605                   Green Development (W)
  • NRE 687                   Landscape Planning (F)
  • Arch 575                  Building Ecology (F)
  • UP 562                     Walkable Urban Places
  • UP 533                     Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture

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Sample courses

  • NRE 501.031                Urban Agriculture (W)
  • NRE 664                       Food and Fuel (F 12)
  • NRE 531                       Principles of GIS (W)
  • NRE 540                       GIS and Natural Resource Applications (F)
  • NRE 564                       Localization: Adaptation for thr 80% Downshift

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Water Systems

Sample Courses

  • NRE 508              Wetland Ecology (W)
  • NRE 520              Fluvial Ecosystems (F)
  • NRE 558              Water Resource Policy
  • CEE 460              Design of Environmental Engineering Systems
  • CEE 549              Geoenvironmental Engineering
  • CEE 580              Physical Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering
  • Earth 581            Aquatic Chemistry
  • EHS 570              Water Quality Management

Relevant Websites
Environmental Water Resources Engineering (EWRE)
SNRE/CoE Engineering Sustainable Systems,  Sustainable Water Systems
School of Public Health Environmental Health Sciences


Climate Change

Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute searchable list by interest
U-M Engineering Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences

*SNRE students have access to opportunities across the U-M campus.  This page identifies courses and course search engines spanning several sustainable systems themes. If you find other courses applicable to these themes, please contact OAP at