Course List

A) Sustainable Systems Core (1-3)

1) Systems Analysis for Sustainability (at least 6 hrs)   

These courses cover analytical tools and methods for assessing and improving the sustainability of systems for meeting societal needs (mobility, shelter, sustenance, communication, etc.). Topics include  life cycle assessment, environmental systems analysis, environmental economics, GIS, system thinking and multi-objective analysis.

NRE 573 (3cr)                                                    Environmental Footprinting and Input-Output Analysis (W)

NRE 610 (1.5)                                                    Advanced LCA Methods & Software Tools (W)

NRE 597 (3cr)                                                    Environmental Systems Analysis (F)

NRE 557/CEE 586 (3cr)                                     Industrial Ecology (W)

NRE 550/STRAT 566 (3cr)                                 Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development (W)

*At least two courses need to be from the courses listed above

NRE 570 (3)                                                     Environ Economics: Quantitative Tools & Methods (F)

NRE 501 (1.5cr)                                                Five courses on selected topics in Env. Economics (FA B & WN A&B)

NRE 531 (4cr)                                                   Principles of GIS (W)

2) Sustainable Design and Technology (3 hrs)

These courses focus on technology assessment, design analysis and planning of systems (e.g., built environment, energy systems, mobility) for enhancing their sustainability performance. Topics include energy analysis, renewable energy modeling, carbon footprint analysis, market-based sustainable product design, and land use planning and restoration.

NRE 537 (3CR)                                                    Urban Sustainability (F)

NRE 501.087 (3CR)                                            Technology and Community Sustainable Development (W)

NRE 615 (3CR)                                                   Renewable Electricity and the Grid (W)

NRE 574/PUBPOL 519 (3cr)                                Sustainable Energy Systems (F)

NRE 548 (3cr)                                                    Land Use and Global Change (F - every other year)

NRE 605/BA 605 (3cr)                                       Green Development (W)

NRE 687 (4cr)                                                   Landscape Planning (F)

ARCH 575 (3cr)                                                 Building Ecology (F)

CEE  480 (3cr)                                                  Design of Environ Engineering Systems (F)

CEE 582 (3cr)                                                   Environmental Microbiology (F)

MECHENG 589 (3cr)                                         Sustainable Design of Technology Systems (W)


3) Sustainable Enterprise (3 hrs)

These courses focus on leadership skills and transformation processes used by private and public sector organizations to create and implement sustainable systems.  Topics include environmental strategies, organizational change and conflict resolution, market and policy analysis, financing, entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement and ethics.

NRE 501.159 (3cr)                                             Decision-Making for Sustainability

NRE 512/BL 536 (2.25)                                      Ethics Corporate Management (F or W) 

NRE 513/STRAT 564&565 (3cr)                          Strategies for Sustainable Development (F)

NRE 527/BE 527 (3cr)                                        Energy Markets and Energy Politics (F)

NRE 532 (3cr)                                                    Natural Resources and Environ Conflict Management (W)

NRE 533 (3cr)                                                    Negotiation Skills (F)

BE 555 (1.5)                                                       Non Market Strategy (F)

NRE 560/UP 560 (3cr)                                        Behavior and Environment (F)

NRE 501.014/CEE 686/ChE 686 (2-3cr)             Environmental Finance (F)

ENGR 521 (3cr)                                                  CleanTech Entrepreneurship (F)

FIN 637 (2.25cr)                                                  Finance and Sustainable Enterprises (F)

STRAT 735-739 (1.5cr)                                       Topics in Global Sustainable Enterprise (F)

FINANCE 583 (1.5)                                               Energy Project Finance (W)

B)    Sustainable Systems Electives

B1) Additional SS courses (can count towards Non-Opus option)

NRE 514 (2cr)                                                   Environmental Impact Assessment (F)

NRE 523(3cr)                                                    Environmental Risk Assessment (W)

NRE 552 (3cr)                                                   Ecosystem Services (F)

EHS 672 (3cr)                                                   Life Cycle Assessment: Human Health & Environ Impacts (F)

NRE 686/PUBPOL 563 (3cr)                               Environmental Policy (W)

BA 612 (2.25cr)                                                 Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid (F)

ESENG 501 (3cr)                                               Seminars in Energy Science, Technology, and Policy (F)

Econ 437 (3cr)                                                  Energy Economics & Policy (W)

UP 533/ARCH 506 (3cr)                                    Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture (F)

Sustainable Systems Themes: SNRE students have access to opportunities across the U-M campus.  This page identifies courses and course search engines spanning several sustainable systems themes. If you find other courses applicable to these themes, please contact OAP at


Integrated Analytic Methods and Skills Requirement
Students are required, at some point during their time enrolled in the program, to take 2 courses composing at least 3 credits from a faculty-approved list of courses that focus on integrative analytic methods and skills. The faculty-approved existing courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below:


578 – Urban Stormwater

552 – Ecosystem Services

514 – Environmental Impact Assessment

533 – Negotiation Skills 

536 – Mediation Skills

548 – Land Use and Global Change

570 - Environmental Economics

597 – Environmental Systems Analysis

564 – Localization Seminar 

677 – Climate Adaptation Seminar

687 – Landscape Planning


501 – Stakeholder Network Analysis 

501 – Science and Management of the Great Lakes

501 - Decision-Making for Sustainability

532 - Natural Resources Conflict Management                  

545- Applied Ecosystem Modeling                                             

550 – Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development

557 – Industrial Ecology                                    

570 – Environmental Economics                

581 – Advanced Environmental Education    

589 – Ecological Restoration

610 – Advanced LCA Methods and Software Tools                                              

641 – Interdisciplinary Research Methods     

787 – Metro Studio (MLA only)                                                        



ARCH = Architecture
CLIMATE = Climate and Space Sciences Engineering
BE = Business Economics and Public Policy
CEE = Civil and Environmental Engineering
EHS = Environmental Health Sciences
FIN = Finance
LHC = Law, History, and Communication
ME = Mechanical Engineering
NRE = Natural Resources and Environment
PUBPOL = Public Policy

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