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Rewilding - thoughts from Joan Nassauer

From the release of captive species to their natural habitats, to restoring ecosystems in rural and urban areas, to “rewilding the child”, BBC correspondent Tim Marlow explores ideas about rewilding. Joan Nassauer, SNRE Landscape Architecture Professor, joins environmentalist and writer George Monbiot and Frans Schepers from Rewilding Europe on this episode of the Forum. Listen to the full program here.

Professor Rosina Bierbaum

Professor Rosina M. Bierbaum, former Dean of SNRE and co-author of the United States National Climate Assessment, explaining the urgent need to address climate change in a new video. Dr. Bierbaum sits on the board of Morgan Stanley's Institute for Sustainable Investing. This video is her second in a series produced by the Institute, and was released in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Summit in New York. To watch the video, click here

SNRE students Eric Weinberg, Jeremy Good, Kate Loshakova, Luis Cecco, Yiyao Chen, and Kuan-Ho Lai have teamed up with the Northport Energy Action Taskforce to develop and implement a Renewable Energy Community Plan that will enable the village and township to attain their goal of becoming a 100% clean energy community.

SNRE Assistant Research Scientist Jeremiah Johnson has been quoted in a U.S. News Article today regarding President Obama's energy policy in the context of the State of the Union Address.  Johnson, interviewed for his specialization on energy policy, predicted that the President will emphasize the "energy independence theme" due to increased oil production and lower imports as well as the expansion of wind and solar energy in recent years. 

Josh Newell

Back alleys, vacant lots and underutilized urban spaces hold great potential for fostering more sustainable cities, if they can be reimagined and transformed into multidimensional green infrastructure that simultaneously delivers environmental, social and economic benefits, says Joshua Newell, assistant professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment.

Climate Change Communication Challenge PSA Videos

We challenged students to create short public service announcement videos that would raise awareness about climate change solutions, encourage individual action, and/or provide people with an inspiring vision of what a sustainable future could look like. Eleven teams of students put their skills to the test. View all of the videos here.