Environmental Policy and Planning Course List

Course List


SNRE Core                                                                                   

NRE 509       Ecology:  Concepts and Applications   (F)             4 credits

NRE 510       Environmental Decision Making and Governance (F)      3 credits


Integrated Analytic Methods & Skills Requirement                              2 courses; 3 credits min


EPP Core                                                                                        3-7 credits

NRE 562    Environmental Policy, Politics and Organizations              3 credits (F)

NRE 592, 687 or approved equivalent    Environmental Planning        3-4 credits (F)


Additional Policy and Planning Courses (others approved by advisor)


NRE 475/ENVIRON 475/EHS 588          Environmental Law (F)

NRE 592/UP 502                                   Environmental Planning (F)

NRE 565                                                Principles for Transition: Food, Fuel and Finance in a Biophysically Constrained, Ethically Challenged World (F)

NRE 532                                                Natural Resources Conflict Management  (F)

NRE 533                                                Negotiation Skills in Environ Dispute Resolutions (F)

NRE 566                                                Public Opinion and the Environment (F)

NRE 527/BE 527                                    Energy Markets and Energy Politics (F)

NRE 687                                                Landscape Planning and Analysis (W)

NRE 577                                               Political Ecology, Environ Security and Conflict (F)


EPP Analytics/Economics                                                            7-8 credits

 All EPP students:

                       NRE 538                        Natural Resources Statistics*  (W)                                 

*or equivalent 


Planning:       NRE 531                          Principles of GIS (F)

Policy:           NRE 570                          Environ Econ: Quantitative Methods & Tools  (W)

                     NRE 501                          Economics of Climate Change (F)

                     NRE 501                          Economics of Environment and Development (W)

                     NRE 501                          Economics of Environmental Regulation

                     NRE 552                          Ecosystem Services

                     NRE 527                          Energy Markets & Energy Politics


Opus                                                                                   at most 6 credits


Master’s Project or Thesis          0-6 credits


Electives                                                                                       6 credits


Free electives, including 4 non-SNRE credits for cognates.  Courses must be U-M graduate courses at 400-level or above  


Integrated Analytic Methods and Skills Requirement


Students are required, at some point during their time enrolled in the program, to take 2 courses composing at least 3 credits from a faculty-approved list of courses that focus on integrative analytic methods and skills.  The faculty-approved existing courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below:




548 – Land Use and Global Change
501 – Urban Stormwater
552 – Ecosystem Services
514 – Environmental Impact Assessment
533 – Negotiation Skills
536 – Mediation Skills
597 – Environmental Systems Analysis
564 – Localization Seminar
677 – Climate Adaptation Seminar (2nd 7 week)



501 – Science and Management of the Great Lakes
501 – Biofuels and Sustainability
501 – Advanced LCA Methods and Software Tools (W14 – 2nd 7 weeks)
501 - Applied Ecosystem Modeling (W14 – 2nd 7 weeks)
550 – Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development
557 – Industrial Ecology
570 – Environmental Economics
581 – Advanced Environmental Education
589 – Ecological Restoration
641 – Interdisciplinary Research Methods
787 – Metro Studio (MLA only)

687 – Landscape Planning


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