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The motto of Slow Food - "Good, Clean, Fair" - is one of food justice; justice for farmers, eaters, and the Earth. Advocates acknowledge that this path is not a cheap or economical one, however, they openly reject economics as a measure of desirability. Quality of life, it is argued, is a more complete metric for the effect that policy has on human well-being. There is no better time or place to start good quality habits than in schools, where the future of every nation is shaped.

On Friday, March 13, Governor Rick Snyder addressed Michigan citizens and legislature about the importance of reliable, affordable, environmentally protective energy sources, including hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking'. Governor Snyder specifically praised the importance of the Graham Sustainability Institute's draft report on high-volume hydraulic fracturing, which includes peer-reviewed technical reports, and a detailed draft analysis of policy options for the future of hydraulic fracturing in Michigan. 

Last Thursday, the second annual University of Michigan Innovation In Action competition concluded, with six stunning student pitches for startups that could make a significant dent on the health and well-being of communities. It was a great example of what can be achieved at the intersection of public health, entrepreneurship, and the creativity and energy that students can bring to real-world problems.

Pearl Zhu Zeng, Behavior, Education, and Communication


1. History, Recent Conference of Parties (COP) and Main Issues, COP 20 Outcomes

2. A day at the COP

3. General Impression of the Global Negotiation + Endless Waiting on the “Last” Day, Dec 12

4. Other Events (The Climate and Health Summit, and the World Climate Summit)

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Michigan Sea Grant is soliciting three types of projects for the next research funding cycle, from 2016-2018. For the past several cycles, MSG has focused on Integrated Assessment projects. The 2015 call for proposals, however, includes two new opportunities. Core research, a more traditional approach to research, and graduate student research fellowships have been added to this RFP.

Pre-proposals and proposals are sought for the following topics: