Environmental Justice - Dual-Degree Options

The School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) is a leader in developing the field of environmental justice research and education. The mission of the Environmental Justice Field of Study is to produce and disseminate knowledge to faculty, students, policymakers, and the general public both domestically and internationally about the processes that give rise to environmental inequality and the means of ameliorating those conditions. In addition, the Environmental Justice Field of Study seeks to help the public and policymakers use scientific information to build sustainable communities worldwide.

Environmental justice alums work in a variety of nongovernmental organizations (National Wildlife Federation, The Ecology Center, Sierra Club), at various levels of government (EPA, Department of Energy), and in private consultant firms. A dual degree makes it possible for students to augment their professional portfolio.

Environmental Justice Requirements:

Fulfill field of study core:

  • six credit hours of environmental justice
  • three credit hour international course focusing on environmental justice
  • six credits to be arranged through a SNRE advisor

Plus the following requirements:

  • ten credit hours of SNRE core courses
  • two analytics courses (one may need to be statistics)
  • integrative master's opus

For more information please contact snre.admissions@umich.edu.

A dual degree must satisfy the academic requirements of two schools or programs. In this case that would be Environmental Justice, a specific field of study in the School of Natural Resources and Environment, and one other program in the Schools of Social Work, Public Health, Architecture and Urban Planning, or some other combination. Rackham Graduate School Guidelines allow dual degree students to double count one-sixth of the total credits normally required to complete both master's programs. Dual degrees are student initiated programs, and students pursuing such a degree must work with academic counselors or advisors in both schools to ensure that all requirements are satisfied.

The following courses are recommended for students who want to incorporate environmental justice as a dual degree or pursue EJ courses as elective courses:

NRE 582/UP 534 Conceptions, Practical Issues, and Environmental Justice (W)
NRE 593 New Directions in Environmental Justice (F)
NRE 501 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Environmental Justice (W)
ENV 482 Environmental Justice: Theoretical Approaches (F)

New applicants must submit an application to both the

School of Natural Resources & Environment
Graduate Admissions
440 Church Street
1520 Dana Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1041
Phone: (734)764-6453
Email: snre.admissions@umich.edu

and the other U-M school of their choice.

Students must meet the admissions standards of and be admitted by both units.

If the student is currently enrolled in one program she/he must complete the "Readmission, Dual Degree, Change of Field Information and Application" form and submit it with the other application documents. Before graduation, form 6010 Dual Degree Course Elections must be completed to verify completion of requirements and minimum hours.