Environmental Justice Course List

EJ Core

NRE 501.089        Justice Issues in Conservation & Sustainability (F)

NRE 501.055       Food Systems: Implications of Unequal Access (F)

NRE 566.001        Public Opinion and the Environment (W)

NRE 593.001        Environmental Justice (W)

NRE 596.001        History of Environmental Thought & Activism (F)

NRE 577.001        Political Ecology, Environmental Security, and Conflict (F)

NRE 594.001        Poverty, Environment, and Inequality (F)





NRE 555.001          Climate and Development (Lemos)(W)

NRE 563.001          International Environmental Policy (Agrawal)  (W)

NRE 565.001          Principles for Transition (Princen)  (F)

NRE 664.001          Food and Fuel: Research Questions at the base of the Economy (Princen)  (F)

NRE 573.001          Environmental Footprinting and Input-Output Analysis (Xu) (W)  

NRE 577.001          Political Ecology, Environmental Security, and Conflict (Butt) (F)

NRE 677.041          Climate Change Adaptation (Bierbaum) (F)


Public Health

 EPID 666                    Health and Socioeconomic Development

HBEHED 516               Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives


Public Policy

PubPol 759                 Genetics and Biotechnology Policy


Urban Planning

UP 658                       Urban and Regional Planning in Developing Countries




Two analytic courses (6 credits). One must be statistics; the other course must be from the SNRE Analytics list.  Both lists can be found online:


Analytics List


Statistics or Equivalent





Three or more credit hours, they must be from any U-M graduate courses offered at 400 level or above.

Recommended Electives:  


NRE 501.007                     Aquaculture and Sustainability (Diana)

NRE 513                           Strategies for Sustainable Development (Hoffman)

NRE 514/EHS 572            Environmental Impact Assessment

NRE 531                          Principles of GIS (Brown)

NRE 532                           Natural Resource Conflict Management Theory (Wondolleck)

NRE 533                           Negotiation Skills in Environmental Dispute Resolution (Yaffee & Wondolleck)

NRE 540                           GIS and Natural Resource Applications (Brines)

NRE 556                           Field Ecology. (Perfecto)

NRE 560/UP 560               Behavior and Environment (DeYoung)

NRE 562                            Environ Policy & Politics (Yaffee)

NRE 566                            Public Opinion and the Environment. (Mohai)

NRE 687                             Landscape Analysis and Planning

NRE 570                             Environmental Econ: Quantitative Methods & Tools (Moore)


Law 684                             Health Law and Policy

Law 771                             How to Save the Planet

Law 791                             Environmental Crimes

Law 805                             Environmental Justice

Public Health

HBEHED 623                       Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities

HBEHED 632                       Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities Research & Interventions

HBEHED 640                       Community Organization for Health Education

HBEHED 690                       Environmental Health Education

EHS 680                              Environmental Management of Hazardous Substances

EHS 507                              Principles of Exposure Assessment

EHS 508                              Principles of Risk Assessment

EHS 574                              Environmental Chemistry

EHS 688                              Topics in Environmental Health Sciences

  EPID 705                           Epidemiology in Public Health Policy

Public Policy

 PubPol 736                        Poverty and Inequality


SOC 622                              Social Stratification

Urban Planning

UP 507                                Geographic Information Systems

UP 654                                Concepts and Techniques of Community Participation

UP 696                                Social Justice and the City. Kinder.

Research Methodology Courses


Soc 522                              Qualitative Research Methods


Stat 403                             Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods

Political Science

PolSci 680                          Problems in Behavioral Research Methods

Public Health

HBEHED 733                      Community-Based Participatory Research



 At most, 6 credit hours of NRE 700 (thesis/practicum) or 6 credits hours of NRE 701 (project); see OAP for opus requirement changes



 Minimum of 4 credit hours outside of SNRE.  They can be double counted with either required or elective courses.



Integrated Analytic Methods and Skills Requirement
Students are required, at some point during their time enrolled in the program, to take 2 courses composing at least 3 credits from a faculty-approved list of courses that focus on integrative analytic methods and skills. The faculty-approved existing courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below:



501 - Social Vulnerability & Adapt to Change

578 – Urban Stormwater

552 – Ecosystem Services

514 – Environmental Impact Assessment

533 – Negotiation Skills

536 – Mediation Skills

548 – Land Use and Global Change

570 - Environmental Economics 

597 – Environmental Systems Analysis

564 – Localization Seminar 

677 – Climate Adaptation Seminar

677 – Qualitative Data Analysis

687 – Landscape Planning




501 – Stakeholder Network Analysis

501 – Science and Management of the Great Lakes 

501 - Decision-Making for Sustainability

532 - Natural Resource Conflict Management                  

545- Applied Ecosystem Modeling                                         

550 – Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development

557 – Industrial Ecology                                           

581 – Advanced Environmental Education    

589 – Ecological Restoration

610 – Advanced LCA Methods and Software Tools                                            

641 – Interdisciplinary Research Methods     

787 – Metro Studio (MLA only)