Dual-degree master's programs

SNRE partners with other schools at the University of Michigan to bring you a variety of dual-degree programs. You can combine your SNRE field of study with any appropriate unit within the university's 18 other schools and colleges in your pursuit of a master's degree. Close to one-third of our master's students elect to pursue a formal or self-initiated dual degree.

Our formal dual-degree partners are:

(These programs have been approved by the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.)

A sample of our student-initiated dual-degree programs include:

Rackham Graduate School guidelines allow dual-degree students to double count one-sixth of the total credits normally required to complete both programs. Contact the Office of Academic Programs for more information.

How to qualify for a dual degree

Dual degree students must apply to each program at its respective school. Each school needs a separate application and supporting materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, résumé, test scores and statement of purpose), in addition to the materials supplied to Rackham. If an applicant is admitted to both programs, then the applicant may choose to pursue a dual degree program. Each school/program must be notified of your decision. In your statement of purpose, you may indicate that you are interested in pursuing a dual degree program.

For more information on pursuing a dual-degree program, please contact the Office of Academic Programs (OAP).