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By Wufan Jia, Environmental Policy and Planning, Sustainable Systems

My first day at the COP meetings was so informational that I am forced to highlight only the most interesting points. I will talk about the meetings I attended and you may get a sense of what is going on here, and as I am more interested in China, I pay more attention to events about China today. 

Katie Browne, Environmental Justice


Here at the Conference of Parties in Lima, I have been struck by the odd mixture of rah-rah optimism and doomsday pessimism permeating the corridors and negotiating rooms. It is an odd disjuncture, especially for a first-timer to the COP process. While everyone acknowledges that the cost of failure to reach a climate deal next year in Paris is so high as to be almost inconceivable, the possibility for failure remains a lurking reality.

By Arman Golrokhian

This past weekend, I and Samantha Shattuck attended the COY10 (Conference of Youth) in Lima, Peru. COY is an annual event that gathers youth from all around the world to meet and exchange their knowledge and experiences about engaging their communities in better understanding, addressing, and adapting to adverse climate change issues at regional and global scales.

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Charles Darwin noted more than 150 years ago that animals on the Galapagos Islands, including finches and marine iguanas, were more docile than mainland creatures. He attributed this tameness to the fact that there are fewer predators on remote islands.

While "island tameness" is an old idea, there have been few rigorous studies of the phenomenon. Many aspects remain unclear, including the mechanisms behind it and the speed at which it evolves in island populations.

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