Conservation Ecology Courses

Aquatic Science Specialization

NRE 409/ENVIRON 409/EEB 487            Ecology of Fishes  (W)
NRE 422/ENVIRON 422/EEB 440            Biology of Fishes  (F)
NRE 423/ENVIRON 423/EEB 441            Biology of Fishes Lab  (F)
NRE 476/ENVIRON 476/EEB 476            Ecosystem Ecology  (W)

NRE 501.007                                          Sustainable Aquaculture (F)

NRE 501.046                                           Science and Management of the Great Lakes (W)

NRE 523                                                  Ecological Risk Assessment (F)
NRE 639                                                  Fisheries Science and Management (TBD)

NRE 508                                                 Wetland Ecology  (W)
NRE 516                                                 Aquatic Entomology
NRE 517/EHS 580                                  Conservation Biology (W)
NRE 520                                                 Fluvial Ecosystems (F)
NRE 521                                                 Fluvial Ecosystems Lab (F)
NRE 558                                                 Water Resource Policy (W) 
NRE 639                                                 Graduate Seminars (e.g. Watershed Planning, Modeling River Environments, others as announced)  (F OR W)
EEB 457                                                  Algae in Freshwater Systems (UMBS)  (Su)

EEB 483                                                  Freshwater Ecosystem (F)
EEB 486                                                  Biology and Ecology of Fishes (UMBS)  (Su)
EARTH 417                                             Geology of the Great Lakes  (W)
EARTH 449                                             Marine Geology  (W)
EARTH 477                                             Hydrogeology  (F)
EARTH 479                                             Marine Geochemistry  (F)
EHS 570                                                 Water Quality Management  (F)
EHS 571                                                 Water Quality Management Practices  (W)
CEE 520                                                 Physical Processes of Land-Surface Hydrology(W)
CEE 521                                                 Flow in Open Channels  (F)
CEE 522                                                 Sediment Transport  (F)
CEE 527                                                 Coastal Hydraulics  (F)
AOSS 401                                               Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  (F)


Conservation Biology Specialization

NRE 409/ENV 409/EEB 487                   Ecology of Fishes  (W)
NRE/EEB 415                                         Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology  (F)
NRE 422-423                                        Biology of Fishes  (F)
NRE/ENV/EEB 430                                Soil Ecology  (F)
NRE/ENV EEB 436                                 Woody Plants (F)
NRE/EEB 451                                        Biology of Mammals  (W)
NRE 556/EEB 477                                 Field Ecology  (F)
NRE 476/EEB 476                                 Ecosystem Ecology  (W)

NRE 501.038                                        Foundations for Sustainable Food Systems (F)
NRE 547                                               Forest Ecology (F- next offered F13)
NRE 517/EHS 580                                Conservation Biology (W)
NRE 523                                              Ecological Risk Assessment

NRE 508                                              Wetland Ecology
NRE 531                                              Principles of GIS (*please note that this course should be taken before any other SNRE GIS courses)  (W)
NRE 534                                              GIS and Landscape Modeling (F every other year)
NRE 639.025                                       Behavioral Ecology, Life History & Conservation (tbd)
NRE 639.108                                       Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Health
NRE 589                                              Ecological Restoration (TBD)
EEB 442                                               Biology of Insects (UMBS) (S)
EEB 445                                               Biogeography (W)
EEB 453                                               Mammalogy (UMBS) (S)
EEB 556                                               Field Botany of Northern Michigan (UMBS) (S)
EEB 463                                               Neotropical Plants (W)
EEB 498                                               Agroecosystems (F)
NRE 501.117                                       IFRI  (F)
NRE 505                                              Human Resource Ecology

NRE 552                                              Ecosystem Services
NRE 532                                              Natural Resources Conflict Management (F)
NRE 561                                              Psychology of Environmental Stewardship (W)
NRE 562                                              Environmental Policy, Politics and Organizations (F)
NRE 563                                              International Environmental Policy  (W)
NRE 570                                              Environ Econ: Quantitative Methods & Tools (W)
NRE 576                                              Brownfield Redevelopment (F will not be offered F12)
NRE 592/UP 502                                  Environmental Planning (F)

Terrestrial Ecosystems Specialization

NRE 436/EEB 436/Environ 436            Woody Plants (F)
NRE/Environ 415                                 Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology (F)
NRE/Environ 416                                 Field Skills in Wildlife Behavior (concurrent with 415)
NRE/Environ 430/EEB 489                   Soil Ecology (F)

NRE 501.038                                       Agroecosystems (W)

NRE 553                                              Diverse Farming Systems (W)
NRE 556/EEB 477                                Field Ecology (F)
NRE/EEB 476                                       Ecosystem Ecology (W)
NRE 547                                              Forest Ecology (W)
NRE 508                                              Wetland Ecology (TBD)
EEB 442                                               Biology of Insects (taught in AA or at UMBS) (F or S)
EEB 445                                               Biogeography (W)
EEB 463                                              Neotropical Plants (W)
EEB 468                                              Biology of Fungi (F)
EEB 470                                              Microbial Diversity
EEB 485                                              Population and Community Ecology
EEB 498                                              Agroecosystems (F)
EEB 556                                              Field Botany of Northern Michigan (UMBS) (S)
NRE 501.117                                      IFRI (F)
NRE 532                                             Natural Resource Conflict Management (3) (F)
NRE 561                                             Psychology of Environmental Stewardship (3) (W)
NRE 562                                             Environmental Policy, Politics, and Organizations (3) (F)
NRE 570                                             Environ Econ: Quantitative Methods & Tools  (W)
NRE 589                                             Ecological Restoration (3) (W)

Analytical Courses
NRE 538                                            Natural Resources Statistics (W)
NRE 541                                            Remote Sensing (W)
NRE 549                                            Analysis and Modeling of Ecological Data (W)
NRE 531                                            Principles of GIS (W)
NRE 534                                            GIS and Landscape Modeling (F)
NRE 540                                            GIS for Natural Resource Applications (F)
NRE 543                                            Environmental Spatial Data Analysis (F)


Integrated Analytic Methods and Skills Requirement
Students are required, at some point during their time enrolled in the program, to take 2 courses composing at least 3 credits from a faculty-approved list of courses that focus on integrative analytic methods and skills. The faculty-approved existing courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below:
548 – Land Use and Global Change
501 – Urban Stormwater
514 – Environmental Impact Assessment
533 – Negotiation Skills
536 – Mediation Skills 552 – Ecosystem Services 564 – Localization: Transitional Thinking for the New Normal
597 – Environmental Systems Analysis
677 – Climate Adaptation Seminar (2nd 7 week)

501 - Network Analysis for Nat Res & Environ Planning 501 – Science and Management of the Great Lakes
501 – Biofuels and Sustainability
501 – Advanced LCA Methods and Software Tools (W14 – 2nd 7 weeks)
501 - Applied Ecosystem Modeling (W14 – 2nd 7 weeks)
550 – Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development
557 – Industrial Ecology
570 – Environmental Economics
581 – Advanced Environmental Education
589 – Ecological Restoration
641 – Interdisciplinary Research Methods 687 – Landscape Planning
787 – Metro Studio (MLA only)

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