Field of study student leaders

SNRE Field of Study Track Leaders 2016-2017

Track leaders are positive stewards and ambassadors of their field of study and have positive working relationships with OAP and FOSC.  For information specific to your track or to join your track's email list, contact the following student track leader:

Behavior, Education, & Communication -  Molly Watters (, Devin Gill (, and Lauren Highleyman (

Conservation Ecology - Peter Goodspeed (, Miles Luo (, and Rubin Sagar (

Environmental Informatics - Wanqi Ouyang (, Elliott Kurtz (, and Josh Flickinger (

Environmental Justice - Claire Poelking ( and Austin Martin (

Environmental Policy & Planning - Kevin He (, Christina Carlson (, and Amanda Kaminsky (

Landscape Architecture - Jiayang Li, Rachel Boswell, Alex de Sosa Kinzer,  and Tiantong Gu

Sustainable Systems -  Rees Blanchard (, Sachiko Graber (, and Reema Abi-Akar (


Email Lists

Behavior, Education and Communication:  bectracksnre@ 

Conservation Ecology: conecol@

Environmental Informatics: snreinformatics@

Environmental Justice: snre.ejstudents@

Environmental Policy and Planning: snre.epp.joinable@

Landscape Architecture: snre.landarch@

Sustainable Systems:  sus.sys.track@


Faculty Field of Study Coordinators 2016-2017

Behavior, Education, & Communication - Michaela Zint

Conservation Ecology - Ines Ibanez

Environmental Informatics - Bilal Butt

Environmental Justice -  Rebecca Hardin

Environmental Policy & Planning - Steve Yaffee

Landscape Architecture - Stan Jones

Sustainable Systems  - Greg Keoleian