Field of study student leaders

SNRE Field of Study Track Leaders 2015-2016

Track leaders are positive stewards and ambassadors of their field of study and have positive working relationships with OAP and FOSC.  For information specific to your track or to join your track's email list, contact the following student track leader:

Behavior, Education, & Communication -  Theo Eggermont, Spencer Harbo, and Junhong Liang/LJ

Conservation Ecology - Kathryn Meyer, Daniel Buonaiuto, and Alexis Sakas

Environmental Informatics - Stephanie Miller, Whitney Johnson, and Jade Huang

Environmental Justice - Whitney Smith, Elena Huisman, and Vitor Machado Lira

Environmental Policy & Planning - Ricky Ackerman, Gianna Petito, and Missy Rice

Landscape Architecture - Andy Sell, Brad Kasberg, and Megan Barnes

Sustainable Systems -  Shreyas Vangala, Dominic Bednar, and Brittany Szczepanik


Email Lists

Behavior, Education and Communication:  bectracksnre@ 

Conservation Ecology: conecol@

Environmental Informatics: snreinformatics@

Environmental Justice: snre.ejstudents@

Environmental Policy and Planning: snre.epp.joinable@

Landscape Architecture: snre.landarch@

Sustainable Systems:  sus.sys.track@


Faculty Field of Study Coordinators 2014-2015

Behavior, Education, & Communication - Michaela Zint

Conservation Ecology - Ivette Perfecto

Environmental Informatics - Dan Brown

Environmental Justice -  Dorceta Taylor

Environmental Policy & Planning - Steve Yaffee

Landscape Architecture - Stan Jones

Sustainable Systems  - Greg Keoleian