Student working groups & Clubs

Art and Environment

This interdisciplinary group explores the intersection between art, nature and place in support of the practice, study and awareness of creative interactions between people and their environments. The group is dedicated to bringing creativity to SNRE through art projects, music, creative writing, trips to exhibits and discussions. We hope to explore the creative process with students and faculty from all disciplines. No prior experience or expertise is required.

BLUElab (Better Living Using Engineering Laboratory)

BLUElab at the University of Michigan is a student-run organization that works toward sustainable solutions to development problems at home and abroad. Toward our goal, BLUElab coordinates project teams that develop environmentally, culturally, and economically sustainable technologies. BLUElab also organizes educational events to raise awareness of development issues and the critical role engineers play in tackling these technical problems in a socially responsible way. BLUElab's diverse membership consists of over one hundred undergraduate and graduate students spanning all College of Engineering departments, as well as students studying disciplines outside of engineering. In addition to its members, BLUElab collaborates with other student-run organizations, faculty, professionals and nonprofits.

Any questions, or to join our mailing list, please e-mail:

Ross Net Impact

Ross Net Impact (RNI) equips leaders with the skills, network, and opportunities to improve the world through business by:

  • Supporting career development of students,
  • Engaging current leaders through conferences and events; and
  • Integrating sustainability and the social sector into the curriculum and campus life.

We share a passion for using the power of innovation and business to create a just society and sustain our natural resources while promoting integrity in decision-making. University of Michigan's Net Impact club is a chapter of the national Net Impact organization - a network of 15,000 MBAs, graduate students, and professionals using the power of business to improve society and the environment. Ross Net Impact has been voted National Chapter of the Year 3 years in a row! We are also one of the largest clubs at Ross. We offer our members diverse career development and networking opportunities. For more information, please contact Sarah Howie at

University of Michigan Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects ("SASLA")

SASLA is one of 68 chapters in the United States, all from Accredited programs in Landscape Architecture. We serve to unite the interests of graduate students in the field of Landscape Architecture, which will allow for the planning, development, and execution of activities, events, and networking that fulfill the educational, professional, and social needs of the students and Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan. We have seven committees, monthly enrichment events and annual social events such as the Gingerbread Competition at SNRE's annual Winter Solstice party. We meet once a month on the second Wednesday of each month from noon-1pm in our "crit room" between the 1st and 2nd year Landscape Architecture studios.

SNREdOUT is a group for LGBTQ students, staff and faculty at SNRE. The group hopes to foster and strengthen queer voices in the environmental field, and underline the LGBTQ community's unique contribution towards protecting the environment. The group also strives to be a representative, inclusive body that is cognizant of the intersectionality that shapes various queer experiences across societies and the world. The group regularly organizes discussion meetings, movie screenings and presentations apart from organizing social event's such as happy hours, potlucks, and game nights with other queer groups across campus. SNREdOUT also shares information and events of interest for both queer students as well as allies. The group often participates in graduate-school (Rackham)-wide events. To join the SNREdOUT e-mail list or if you have any questions, contact

Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI)

The University of Michigan Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) is a collaborative group of leaders in campus organizations, environmental groups, and student governments interested in promoting environmental sustainability and change at the University of Michigan. We are focused on bridging the gap between student groups and the university administration by serving as a focal point for environmental action on campus. To that end, we work closely with SSI member groups as well as the Graham Sustainability Institute and the Office of Campus Sustainability.

SSI strives to bring together sustainability-minded students and student groups while also reaching out to others to spread awareness of sustainability issues on campus. We unite groups that seek to operate with goal-oriented, strategic, and well-planned actions and, wherever possible, provide the support necessary to enable them succeed.

SSI serves as the main link between members of the student body interested in participating in, initiating, or providing feedback on environmental initiatives and members of the administration whose role it is to carry out or manage such projects. In order to ensure a steady flow of ideas and collaboration, members of the SSI board meet regularly with constituents from each of these groups to discuss initiatives and conduct strategic planning for addressing environmental issues on campus.

Sustainability Without Borders (SWB)

SWB is a collection of different sustainability focused development projects across the globe. I like that it provides hands-on real world experience to students. It also allows students to learn about issues facing different cultures and is great for anyone thinking about international development as a career. I've worked on a project in Peru where we have built an aquaponics system. For more information visit:

UM Birding

Founded in the Fall of 2014, the birding club was designed to help foster the hobby of birding for University of Michigan Students and to use that hobby to inspire science and conservation. The club was created by 2 graduate students, but is open to students of all ages, and seeks to foster partnership with community members outside the university to further their mission.

Purpose/Vision: To inspire U of M students and other U of M community members to enjoy and protect birds.

Mission: We seek to engage and educate students and other UofM affiliates in recreational birding by leading bird-watching trips, participating in local ornithological events, and hosting on campus educational opportunities.

USGBC Students at the University of Michigan

The USGBC Students at U of M is an official student group affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council. Its main purpose is to achieve lasting solutions to push the university to become a leader in green building and sustainability through three main components: collaboration with the all university stakeholders, outreach with the greater community, and educational opportunities for students including LEED workshops. For more information please contact our board at