Facilities space reservation

To reserve a SNRE facilities space, read the following guidelines and procedures then fill out the online office space request form. Please contact snre.rooms@umich.edu with any questions.

SNRE Classroom/Conference Use Statement

  1. Rooms, 1006, 2560, 3552, 4325, 4024, and 4315A will be available for use from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. They will not be locked during open building hours.
  2. Scheduled uses for each room (made through snre.rooms@umich.edu) are posted at the beginning of each week. Previously scheduled uses take precedence over drop-in use. On some occasions, rooms may be scheduled for use after the calendar for that room has been posted that week. Again, these late scheduled uses take precedence over drop-in use.
  3. After use, the rooms should be cleaned and returned to their original furniture configuration. Failure of the users during open hours to keep the rooms clean or to rearrange furniture will result in revoking of this agreement. Room cleanliness and arrangement problems in the past were the reasons for locking rooms when not in use.
  4. The first floor commons area is open for use by all students, faculty, and staff and can only be reserved for special functions on approval of the dean. This rarely happens and use of the fourth floor commons will be encouraged for such special functions.
  5. The fourth floor commons area is open for use by all students, faculty, and staff and can be reserved for special functions on approval of the dean. This space is generally intended for quiet conversation, reading, and studying. Activities requiring larger group discussion, lecturing, and instruction should be directed to the 4th floor conference rooms or other available locations. Reservation of the 4th floor commons space will involve consultation and cooperation with holders of any existing reservations for the adjacent 4th floor conference rooms (4325 and 4315a).
  6. The computer labs are areas for quiet work using computers. Long conversations should be moved outside. Cell phones should not be used in the computer rooms. You may answer your cell phone in the room, but any conversation should be conducted outside the computer labs.
  7. Since many student offices have no place to lock belongings individually, we have expanded the availability of lockers in the Dana Building.
  8. Use of the Ford Commons

The Ford Commons is most typically used by individuals and small groups for quiet study.  The Commons is open and available during regular building hours and, for SNRE students, during off hours as well by using the MCard to gain access to the building.

The Commons may be reserved for larger group use, with the understanding that others may continue to use the space as well. The Commons is reserved through contact with snre.rooms@umich.edu and normal use criteria apply (official student groups with SNRE or PitE affiliation, faculty, and staff may reserve rooms for presentations, meetings, discussions, or classes).

Under rare circumstances, the Commons can be reserved for use and be closed for other purposes. Such use requires prior approval of the Dean as well as prior notification to the SNRE community (if the use is to take place during a work week when the University is in session, at least a two day notice is required and should be conducted through both email notices as well as notices posted on the doors to the Commons). The doors to the Commons must remain unlocked at all times for fire safety purposes but, if approval is granted to close the Commons, unauthorized occupants may politely be asked to leave the area.