School of Natural Resources and Environment

Master's Projects Archives

Master's Project Title Client Organization
Financed Emissions in the Financial Services Industry: Actionable Transparency or Meaningless Metrics & Greenwash? (2015) Comerica Bank
Examining Disparities in Food Access and Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations - Phase 2 (2015) MELDI
Climate Ready Great Lakes Cities (2015) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Great Lakes Regional Team
ReFashion Livernois (2015) Dickinson by Design
Improving Energy Sustainability for the LTBB Reservation (2015) Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (LTBB)
Ecological Restoration of the University of Michigan Golf Facilities (2015) University of Michigan Athletics, University of Michigan Golf Course (The Blue Course), Radrick Farms Golf Course
Defining Next Generation Supply Chain Sustainability Performance & Resilience to Climate Change and Environmental Risks (2015) Schneider Electric, Energy & Sustainability
The Business Case for Sustainable Agriculture in Asia (2015) Kellogg Company
Reef Recreation – Designing with nature to redevelop an ecological catastrophe in the Atlantic Ocean into a flourishing aquatic habitat and coastal protection site (2015) Osborne Reef
Habitat Mapping and Site Based Curriculum Development for Increasing Organizational Capacity (2015) Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
Sun Edison (2015) Sun Edison
More than Me! Sustainable School Yard Design, Liberia (2015) Sustainability Without Borders
Eco-Retreat Center Design in Jungle Farm, Liberia (2015) Sustainability Without Borders
The Intersection of Watershed Stress, Economic Growth and Corporate Community Programming in Africa (2015) Global Water Challenge
Kruzof Island Management Plan (2015) Sitka Conservation Society
Expanding Food Bank Impact Through Increased Healthy Food Access at Community Gardens and Sustainable Farm Production (2015) Greater Lansing Food Bank
Developing and implementing a sustainable growth model for the Livingston Land Conservancy, a non-profit, all volunteer land conservancy (2015) Livingston Land Conservancy
Renewable Energy Community Plan (2015) Northport Energy Action Taskforce
Resilient Urban Forest Project (2015) City of Baltimore, Office of Sustainability
Sustainable Habitat – Renewables and Energy Efficiency Improvements for Habitat for Humanity (2015) Habitat for Humanity Michigan
Evaluation of different approaches/methodologies for controlling nonpoint source pollution, reducing nutrient runoff and abating harmful algal blooms in a selected watershed within the Great Lakes basin (2015) Great Lakes Commission
Reducing Diesel Emissions, Improving Air Quality, and Promoting Environmental Justice in Southwest Detroit (2015) Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV)
Corridor Performance: Measuring the Impacts and Benefits of Design on Urban Retail Corridors (2014) Jefferson East Business Association (JEBA)
Examining Disparities in Food Access and Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations (2014) MELDI
Environmental Flows for the Huron River System (2014) Huron River Watershed Council
Community-based Tools for U.S. Marine Protected Area Planning and Management (2014) NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center
Fostering Implementation of a Regional Water Conservation Plan for the Roaring Fork Watershed (2014) Roaring Fork Conservancy (RFC)
Detroit Climate Action Collaborative (DCAC) -- Green House Gas Inventory for Municipal government (2014) Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
Sleeping Bear Dunes Bay to Bay Paddle/Backpack Trail (2014) National Park Service - Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA)
Sustainability Initiatives for Beaumont Health System (2014) Beaumont Hospital
Sustainable Agriculture in Tropical Forest Landscapes (2014) CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
Public Transport Systems and Infrastructure Solutions to Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence on Hawaii Island (2014) The Kohala Center
Community Based Forest Governance and Institutions in the context of REDD+ in Tanzania (2014) International Forestry Research Center
Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities, and Trade: Mapping Environmental Justice Project (2014) European Commission: Community Research and Development Information Service
Getting it Right: Policy Recommendations on Distributed Energy Resources for the Evolving Electric Power Sector (2014) Institute for Electric Innovation (IEE), DTE Energy
Environmental Trade-offs in Commodity Production (2014) The World Wildlife Fund, Transforming Markets Initiative
Education and Community at the UM Campus Farm (2014) UM Sustainable Food Program
Mobilizing New Mobility Innovation, Industry Development and Consumer Uptake for the Detroit Region (2014) Ford Motor Company
Solar for All: Providing Electricity to the Base of the Pyramid Through Social Entrepreneurship (2014) Ashoka: Solar for All Initiative
Sustainability Business Case (2014) General Motors Company
REI (2014) REI
Examining and Evaluating Collaborative Methods and Strategies within the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) (2014) National Forest Foundation
Kalamazoo River Watershed Land Conservation Plan (2014) Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy
Bridging Sustainability: Growing Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses Through Learning, Change and Leadership Green Garage Detroit
Bringing Renewable Energy to Camp Michigania: An Assessment and Educational Plan for Implementing Renewable Energy Strategies Camp Michigania
Crucial Creeks Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
InterNational Bank Corporate Responsibility Strategy Grupo Financiero Banorte
The BrightLight Foundation - Building a Business Plan for Solar Lamp & Cell Phone Charger Distribution (2013) The BrightLight Foundation
Institutionalizing Sustainable Food: Creation and Implementation of the UM Sustainable Food Program and Campus Farm University of Michigan Botanical Garden
Growing Our Place: Beecher High School Outdoor Classroom Project UM-Flint Office of University Outreach
Pursuing Sustainability with UMHS' Patient Food & Nutrition Services: Aligning Sustainable Practices with Healthcare Delivery University of Michigan Health System
From Home Energy Audit to Retrofit and Beyond (2013) DTE Energy
Restoring the Shiawassee Flats: Estuarine Gateway to Saginaw Bay U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge
Linking Land Use to Inland Lake Ecosystem Service Values The Natural Capital Project
The Demand for Carbon Offsets in the United States: A Snapshot of U.S. Buyers on the Global Voluntary and California Compliance Markets The Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, A.C.
Air Emission Characterization for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the United States Major Oil & Gas Servicing Company
Community Forestry and REDD+ in Nepal International Forest Resources and Institutions (IFRI)
An Analysis of Offshore Wind Development: A Non-market, Stated-Preference Approach to Measure Community Perceptions and Opinions and Estimate Willingness to Pay in Two Michigan Regions Great Lakes Wind Collaborative
Lower Boardman River Revitalization City of Traverse City, Michigan
Climate Change Adaptation in Great Lakes Cities U-M Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, Great Lakes Climate Change Cities Assessment- GLACC-C Project
Innovations for LEAP GI: Green Infrastructure Analysis, Design, and Application in Detroit's Lower East Side Lower East Side Action Plan (LEAP)
Developing Policy on Environmental Quality, Schools, and Health (2012) Kresge Foundation
Visioning the Allen Creek Greenway: Designing a Path, Creating a Place (2012) Allen Creek Greenway Conservancy
Scaling up Payments for Watershed Services: Recommendations for Increasing Participation in Watershed Conservation Among Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners in the Sebago Lake Watershed, Maine (2012) World Resources Institute
Enhancing Sustainability at Lower Huron Metropark (2012) Huron-Clinton Metroparks
Water Resource Management at the Mpala Conservancy (Laikipia District, Kenya) Mpala Wildlife Foundation
Modeling Effective Behavior Change Strategies for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (2012) Chesapeake Bay Trust
A Comprehensive Plan for an Ecological Restoration-based Eco-toursim Program at Glacial Park (2012) McHenry County Conservation District
Water for All: Sustainable Solutions for Reducing and Utilizing Sarvajal's Reverse Osmosis Brine in Northwestern India (2012) Piramal Water Private Ltd, -- a leading social enterprise in India (under the brand Sarvajal, Water for all)
Redesigning the Pensacola Scenic Bluffs Highway - Improving Environmental and Cultural Sustainability by Creating Identity (2012) Scenic Highway Foundation
Urban Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, MI (2012) Great Lakes Cities Climate Change Integrated Assessment
Creating Sustainable Neighborhood Design for Legacy Cities: A New Framework for Sustainability Assessment (2012) Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP)
Hannahville Indian Community Forestland Acquisition and Forest-based Business Planning Initiative (2012) Hannahville Indian Community
Facilities Energy Management Audit and Recommendations at Yellowstone National Park (2012) Yellowstone National Park
Life-Cycle Modeling and Environmental Impact Assessment of Commercial Scale Biogas Production (2012) Swedish Biogas International LLC
Michigan Green Communities (2012) U.S. Department of Energy
Urban Revitalization through Art, Community and Ecology: The Heidelberg Project (2011) The Heidelberg Project
Financing Strategies for Municipal Energy Efficiency (2011) Clean Energy Coalition
Climate Change Adaptation in U.S. Cities (2011)
The Potential for Micro-algae and Other "Micro-crops" to Produce Sustainable Biofuels (2011) National Wildlife Federation
Climate Ready Great Lakes (2011) NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Great Lakes Regional Team
Jocko Valley Trails (2011) Jocko Valley Trails Committee
Building a Sustainable Community in Africa - Mpala Wildlife Conservancy (2011) Mpala Wildlife Foundation
Ecological Assessment, Mapping, and Prioritization of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks (2011) Huron-Clinton Metroparks
Transmission-Related Policy Options to Facilitate Offshore Wind in the Great Lakes (2011) Great Lakes Commission
The Detroit SUN Project: SUN = Sustainable Urban Neighborhood (2011)
Green Brewery Project (2011) Arbor Brewing Company
Campus Energy Management via the IP Network: A Feasibility Study for Achieving Energy Efficiency via EnergyWise (2011) Cisco Systems
Renewing Ranobe for Tomorrow: An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development in Madagascar (2011) Ho avy
Sustainability at Banorte: A Comprehensive CSR Strategy (2011) ImpactOmh and Banorte
Aurora Organic Dairy Phase III: Corporate Sustainability Report (2011) Aurora Organic Dairy
Renewable Energy Strategy for Southern Company (2011) Southern Company
Vehicle Electrification Facilitating the Integration of Renewable Energy: An Analysis of the Provision of Ancillary Services via Networked EVs (2011) Better Place
Transit Oriented Development in Detroit (2010) Detroit Department of Transportation
Assessing the Freshwater Conservation Potential of Terrestrial Protected Areas (2010) The Nature Conservancy
A Forest in the City: Exploring place-based education with the US Forest Service (2010) USDA Forest Service, Urban Connections Program
Dynamic Pricing Tariffs for DTE's Residential Electricity Customers (2010) DTE Energy
Charting the Course for Sustainability at Aurora Organic Dairy: Phase 2 Water Use, Nutrient Use and Waste Generation (2010) Aurora Organic Dairy
Restoration of a Multi-Functional Landscape: Mill Creek after Dam Removal (2010) Village of Dexter, MI
Sustainable Urban Redevelopment in Detroit (2010) Jefferson East Business Association
Renewable Energy in the California Desert: Mechanisms for Evaluating Solar Development on Public Lands (2010) The Wilderness Society
Fostering Implementation of the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan (2010) Roaring Fork Conservancy (RFC)
Area Based Development and Climate Change (2010) The World Bank (Social Development Department)
Holy Cross Abbey: Reinhabiting Place (2010) Holy Cross Abbey
Ungulate Pathways of the West: Examining Conservation Challenges & Opportunities for Ungulate Migrations (2009)
Sustaining Hope: A Strategic Plan for Growing Hope in Ypsilanti, MI (2009) Growing Hope
Boyne Mountain Resort Environmental Sustainability Management Plan (2009) Boyne Mountain Resort
Corn Ethanol and Wildlife: How are policy- and market-driven increases in corn plantings affecting habitat and wildlife? (2009) National Wildlife Federation
The St. Marys River Watershed: Planning for Biodiversity Conservation (2009) The Nature Conservancy
New Mobility: Providing Solutions to Social and Environmental Problems in Urban Slums of Developing Regions (2009) Ford Motor Company
The Case for New Transmission in the U.S.: Meeting the Need for Large-Scale Renewable Energy (2009) American Wind Energy Association
Charting the Course for Sustainability at Aurora Organic Dairy: Phase 1 Energy & Carbon Footprint Analysis (2009) Aurora Organic Dairy