School of Natural Resources and Environment

Master's project list

Please email Erin Lane, for a preliminary list of project proposals. The final list of available topics for the 2015-2016 project cycle will be posted in December 2014.
Master's Project Title Client Organizationsort descending
Expanding a Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy in the Healthcare Sector with Beaumont Health System (2016) Beaumont Health System (BHS)
Landscape-Level Planning: Lessons Learned from the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (2016) Bureau of Land Management
Climate Change Mitigation, Avoided Deforestation and Commodity Agriculture: Certification of Sustainable Cattle Farming Practices in Brazil (2016) CGIAR research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
Climate Adaptation Strategies for Specialty Coffee Farmers in Costa Rica (2016) CIMS Sustainable Markets Intelligence Center, Costa Rica
Improving Institutional Access to Energy-Reduction Incentives through Research and Education (2016) Ecology Center
Revitalizing the Grand River Corridor: Activating the Rouge River Farmington/Farmington Hills Corridor Improvement Authority (F/FHCIA)
Sustainable Sourcing and Expansion for Frita Batidos (2016) Frita Batidos
Carbon Sources, Sinks and Offsets in Global Forest Investments (2016) Global Forest Partners LP
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in Eastern Europe & Russia: Accomplishments, Impacts & Lessons Learned from IUCN's "Forest Law Enforcement & Governance Program" (2016) International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Double Energy Productivity at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus (2016) Johnson Controls, Inc.
Developing a comprehensive Land Management Plan for the Kalamazoo Nature Center’s eight properties (2016) Kalamazoo Nature Center
The Meijer Environmental Footprint and Sustainability Plan (2016) Meijer
Resilience of Coastal Communities in Response to External Stressors (2016) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)
"Building social and ecological sustainability of smallholder cattle production systems" OR "Designing and implementing novel reforestation/agroforestry systems" Paso Pacífico (Our main office and all of our project activities are in Nicaragua; we also have a small US office in Ventura CA for administrative purposes.)
Ecological Learning Laboratory at Historic Barns Park, Traverse City (2016) SEEDS, an ecologically inspired, solutions-oriented nonprofit organization
Growth Plan for an Outdoor School in Northern California (2016) Sierra Nevada Journeys
Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office Municipal Street Lighting Consortium (2016) Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office
Combination of Water Sensitive Urban Design and Ecological Landscape Design in China (2016) SPD Planning & Design Corporation
2016 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sustainability Report Card Sustain Charlotte
Building a Business Plan Ensuring Market Access for MakaPads in Uganda (2016) Sustainability Without Borders
Stone Paper LCA (2016) Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Co. Ltd
Examining Disparities in Food Access and Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations - Phase 3 (2016) The Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative (MELDI)
Six Points Property Master Plan (2016) The Wyandot of Anderdon Nation, Trenton, Michigan
Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed Management Plan (2016) Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOMWC)
Creating a Land Stewardship Plan for Living and Learning at Walking Mountains Science Center (2016) Walking Mountains Science Center