School of Natural Resources and Environment

Master's project list

Master's Project Title Client Organizationsort descending
Reef Recreation – Designing with nature to redevelop an ecological catastrophe in the Atlantic Ocean into a flourishing aquatic habitat and coastal protection site (2015)
(REVISED) Strengthening Community Engagement in the Lower Fox River Watershed to Reduce Nutrient and Sediment Pollution into Green Bay (2015) Alliance for the Great Lakes
Indicators and Metrics for Tracking Energy Productivity of Regions, States and Localities (2015) Alliance to Save Energy
Develop Cost Efficient and Low-Impact Methods to Maintain Minimum Hoop House Temperature Year-Round (2015) Arbor Teas
Cats and Birds in Washtenaw County, MI (2015) Bird Center of Washtenaw County, Inc.
Sustainable Agriculture Design, Site, & Management Plan for Brines Farm LLC (2015) Brines Farm LLC
Habitat Mapping and Site Based Curriculum Development for Increasing Organizational Capacity (2015) Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
Energy Champions – Evaluating Peer Learning Approaches to Energy Efficiency in Public Housing (2015) City of Ann Arbor (Systems Planning Unit and Ann Arbor Housing Commission)
Resilient Urban Forest Project (2015) City of Baltimore, Office of Sustainability
Accurately Valuing Energy Upgrades in Real Estate (2015) Clean Energy Coalition
Financed Emissions in the Financial Services Industry: Actionable Transparency or Meaningless Metrics & Greenwash? (2015) Comerica Bank
Evaluating the impacts on non-fish wildlife of replacing road/stream crossings in northern Michigan: Practical recommendations for on-the-ground projects (2015) Conservation Resource Alliance
Digesting Organics: Evaluating the economics and sustainability of onsite organic waste management (2015) Digested Organics LLC
Developing a long-term sustainability plan for the Flint River Corridor (2015) Flint River Corridor Alliance (FRCA)
Creation of Master Plan for Redesign of For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum’s Environmental Education focused Visitor Center (2015) For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum
Development of Risk Criteria, Environment Monitoring, and Information Kits for Farmers and Landowners Affected By High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracking (2015) Frog Holler Organic Farm
Max Brandon Park Watershed Management Plan (2015) Genesee Conservation District
Max Brandon Park Forestry Management Plan (2015) Genesee Conservation District
The Intersection of Watershed Stress, Economic Growth and Corporate Community Programming in Africa (2015) Global Water Challenge
Evaluation of different approaches/methodologies for controlling nonpoint source pollution, reducing nutrient runoff and abating harmful algal blooms in a selected watershed within the Great Lakes basin (2015) Great Lakes Commission
Environmental Education Project: Developing K-8 Outreach and Education Materials for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (2015) Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Expanding Food Bank Impact Through Increased Healthy Food Access at Community Gardens and Sustainable Farm Production (2015) Greater Lansing Food Bank
Sustainable Habitat – Renewables and Energy Efficiency Improvements for Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley (2015) Habitat for Humanity Michigan
Hayes Township/Camp Sea-Gull Park and Recreation Plan (2015) Hayes Township, Charlevoix County
Hybrid Renewable Microgrids (2015) HOMER Energy
Sustainable Energy Mapping and Education for the Web and Mobile Devices (2015) Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI)
High School Investigation of Southeast Harbor, Deer Isle, ME (2015) Island Heritage Trust
The Business Case for Sustainable Agriculture in Asia (2015) Kellogg Company
Improving Energy Sustainability for the LTBB Reservation (2015) Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (LTBB)
Developing and implementing a sustainable growth model for the Livingston Land Conservancy, a non-profit, all volunteer land conservancy (2015) Livingston Land Conservancy
Examining Disparities in Food Access and Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations - Phase 2 (2015) MELDI
Economic valuation of marine mammal watching in the Gulf of California, Mexico (2015) Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature
Developing a financial cost model for future Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of California, Mexico (2015) Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature
The cost of no action in the fisheries of the Gulf of California, Mexico (2015) Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza A.C. in Spanish)
Comparative analysis of mining laws and regulations from countries currently undertaking mining activities in Mexico: Russia, United States, Canada, and China (2015). Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza A.C. in Spanish)
Stuck in the Muck: Addressing the challenge of beach muck in the Great Lakes (2015) Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Michigan Environmental Education Online Teacher Training Development (2015) Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)
Comprehensive inventory and analysis of Michigan’s current and potential resource recovery infrastructure (2015) Michigan Recycling Coalition
Miller's Big Red Apple Orchard and Commercial Aquaponics (2015) Miller's Big Red
Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain for a growing small business in Liberia, West Africa (2015) Ministry of Fruit
Agriculture Plastics Recycling in Michigan (2015) Missaukee Conservation District
Mulberry Hill Greenhouse Home (2015) Mulberry Hill
CHANGE: Creatively Helping Audubon’s Next Generation Evaluation (2015) National Audubon Society
National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan and Carbon Footprint Assessment (2015) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Coastal Programs
Climate Ready Great Lakes Cities (2015) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Great Lakes Regional Team
Better Understanding the Sensitivity of Selected U.S. Economic Sectors to Water Scarcity (2015) NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NOAA/NCDC)
National Climatic Data Center Industry Engagement Strategies (2015) NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NOAA/NCDC)
Renewable Energy Community Plan (2015) Northport Energy Action Taskforce
Feasibility & Impacts of Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) Reintroduction to San Dieguito Watershed in San Diego County, California (2015) San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy
The Value of Urban Park Systems: A Mixed Methods Study (2015) Sasaki Associates, Inc
The Evolution of Water Resource Management – Integrating Water Risks in Corporate Sustainability (2015) Schneider Electric, Energy & Sustainability
Defining Next Generation Supply Chain Sustainability Performance & Resilience to Climate Change and Environmental Risks (2015) Schneider Electric, Energy & Sustainability
Katlian Valley Management Plan (2015) Sitka Conservation Society
Slow Food “Snail of Approval” Sustainable Business Certified Label (2015) Slow Food Huron Valley (Ann Arbor Slow Food USA chapter)
Neem Oil/Soap Production as an Alternative to Small-Scale Gold Mining in Northeastern Ghana (2015) Small-Scale Miners Health and Safety Programme (registered non-profit organization)
Smart Agritech Industry and Organization Mapping (2015) Smart Agriculture Analytics (SAA)
Planning for UM Field-Teaching and Research Properties in SE Michigan (2015) SNRE
Reducing Diesel Emissions, Improving Air Quality, and Promoting Environmental Justice in Southwest Detroit (2015) Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV)
Assessing Change as a Result of Conservation Service Work: A Collaboration with Student Conservation Association (2015) Student Conservation Association (SCA)
Sun Edison (2015) Sun Edison
More than Me! Sustainable School Yard Design, Liberia (2015) Sustainability Without Borders
Eco-Retreat Center Design in Jungle Farm, Liberia (2015) Sustainability Without Borders
Sustainable Sanitation for Small Communities in Liberia (2015) Sustainability Without Borders
Community Benefits at State Level Public Utilities Commission (2015) The Greenlining Institute
Assessing the ecosystem service and socio-economic benefits of sustainable forest management and forest certification to local communities (2015) The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Targeting agribusiness financing as a mechanism for reducing nutrient pollution (2015) U-M Water Center
My Mississippi: Nutrient Reduction in the River Basin (2015) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Identifying Impacts of Fuel Economy/Greenhouse Gas Standards on Vehicle Quality using Content Analysis (2015) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation & Air Quality
Effects on Low-Income Households of Vehicle Greenhouse Gas/Fuel Economy Standards (2015) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation & Air Quality
(1) Climate Change adaptation, supply chain risks and financial reporting; (2) How adaptation technical assistance available in other countries could inform future U.S. efforts; (3) Climate change adaptation and design standards (2015) U.S. Government Accountability Office
Kale to the Victors: Food Distribution Strategies for the UM Campus Farm (2015) UM Sustainable Food Program
Ecological Restoration of the University of Michigan Golf Facilities (2015) University of Michigan Athletics, University of Michigan Golf Course (The Blue Course), Radrick Farms Golf Course
Autonomous Vehicles for a Sustainable City: Opportunities, Obstacles and Strategies for Early Deployment (2015) University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC)
Health Impact Assessment: Bringing a Public Health Lens to a Watershed Action Plan (2015) US Environmental Protection Agency/Office of Research and Development/Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program
Defining a Software Company's Sustainability Strategy and Developing a GRI G4 Report (2015) Verego
Designing a Sustainable Rooftop Garden and Community Space (2015) Verego
Developing a marketing and outreach plan for the Washtenaw Food Hub (2015) Washtenaw Food Hub
Innovate the non-profit environmental business model: Divestment, Increased Revenues, and Strategic partnerships (2015) West Michigan Environmental Action Council (non-profit organization)
Twain’s Frog, the Beautiful Serpent, and Recreation Equity in the San Francisco Bay Area (2015) Wild Equity Institute
Improving Finance Information and Access for Climate-Friendly Projects in Developing Countries (2015) World Resources Institute (WRI)
Future of the Yankee – Transformation of a historically significant former Ellis Island ferry into a showcase of self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability as a museum, and conference center/ think tank (2015) Yankee Ferry Foundation
Restoring an Oak Opening Ecosystem in York Township’s Sandra Richardson Park (2015) York Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan; York Township Hall; 11560 Stony Creek Road, Milan, MI 48160 Phone: (734) 439-8842