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 How do I find class dates and time?  Login to Wolverine Access. Go to Student Business. Click on Backpack/Registration. Search using the button options. OR
Go to the Registrar's Office website. View course schedules by term and by school. EEB (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Biology and more are organized under "Literature, Science and Arts" on the Registrar's Online Schedule.

Course descriptions and our Course Exploration Tool can be found here: /current_students/courses


How do I find my masters field of study course requirements?

Click on your field of study. Select the 'degree requirements' and/or 'courses' to view and print a pdf of the classes and requirements.


How do I determine my doctoral course requirements? Consult with your faculty advisor(s) and other committee members. You have the breadth and depth of the U-M and SNRE academic programs from which to select, so you are strongly encouraged to create your own niche based upon your academic interests, experience, and goals. The only required course is NRE 741 Research Paradigms, and it is typically taught in the Fall term. Also refer to the SNRE Doctoral Handbook found on this page:


How do I petition to substitute or waive a degree requirement?

Download and complete the form. Please attach a statement describing your reason(s) for requesting this action (include reason why taking a course from the approved course lists is not possible) and a copy of the course syllabus. Obtain your faculty advisor's signature. Submit the signed form along with the supporting documents to OAP. Final approval is determined by the Associate Dean.


How do I find academic deadlines? The Registrar's Office maintains the academic calendar. Select the appropriate term. A subheading under each term is: Student Registration Deadlines. Under the Student Registration Deadlines, the Registrar's Office outlines the drop/add deadline and Withdraw deadlines with their tuition and fee implications.

Rackham's Office of Academic Records and Dissertations (OARD) maintains their own schedule on candidacy and defense deadlines. Visit the website to view deadlines and obtain further information.


How do I add or drop a course after the deadline? Wolverine Access only allows you to adjust your schedule prior to the third week of the term. Any courses dropped after the first three weeks will be noted on your transcript as a = withdraw.

Obtain a 'late drop/add' form from OAP. Complete the course information and have your instructor sign the form. The signed form needs to be authorized by our Registrar (in OAP), and then submitted to the UM Registrar's Office on 550 South State Street.


How do I change advisors?

It is possible to change advisors. Discuss with your current advisor your desire to change. Seek out another faculty advisor. Download and complete the form. Have your current advisor and new advisor sign the form. Return the signed document to OAP. Final approval is determined by your old and new advisor.


How do I change my field of study?

Download and complete the form. Discuss the change with your advisor. Attach an outline that shows courses you will take to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum associated with the new field of study. Request a degree audit from the OAP to reflect the new field of study. Submit the signed form along with the supporting documents to OAP. Final approval is determined by your advisor(s).


How do I request an audit?
Request an audit by emailing Please allow at least 48 hours to complete the audit.

It is helpful to request an audit prior to the add/drop deadline of a semester, and definitely before the term in which you expect to graduate. The Wolverine Access online degree audits feature is NOT functioning for NRE graduate students.


How do I change my opus type?

Form 1 - Change to Thesis/Practica

Form 2 - Change to Non-Opus Master of Science

Download and complete the form. Obtain approval signatures from your faculty opus advisor and project/practica members. Refer to the instructions on the form - each change-of-opus request needs to have supporting documents in addition to the form submitted for approval.

Submit signed forms and supporting documents to OAP by the 3rd week in January during the first year enrolled in SNRE. Final approval is determined by the Associate Dean.


How do I add/remove myself to/from an email group?

Go to the directory. Find the email group name. Look for the owner. Request the owner to add/remove you from the email group.


How do I find out more about computing services in NRE?

Our NRE IT consultants are awesome. Visit their site to view their services and find links to other computer resources around UM. Did you know you can also print posters from SNRE?
Don't forget about our Environmental Spatial Analysis Lab (formerly called the GIS lab)!


How do I learn more about computing and printing services at U-M?

U-M Information Technology Central Services maintains several computing sites on campus, including the 2nd floor computing site in the Dana Building. The computing site has various computers, scanners, and printers, as well as specialized software packages.

All SNRE students receive the services included in the Basic Computing Package at no charge. Virtual Sites is a service that lets you log in remotely to a Campus Computing Sites Windows computer and use the licensed software on it from your own computer. This service gives Windows users access to specialized software on an as-needed basis, and it gives Macintosh users a way to use Windows software from their Macintosh computer. You can access the Virtual Sites service from the web.


How do I obtain a login to erecruiter (NRE job/internship posting site)?

Every current graduate SNRE student has a login to the career services database as with a standard password. First time entering the system, you are required to change your password. New incoming graduate students gain access during August Orientation. Any questions should be directed to our career services staff at


How do I learn more about my financial aid package?

The Office of Financial Aid packages all incoming graduate student financial aid assuming one will be a full-time student. The Registrar's Office/Student Financial Operations office sets the part or full-time student status and tuition due dates.

Tuition bills are due at the end of the month. If one is registered for less than 9 credits when the bill is created and posted on one's WolverineAccess student account, one will be assessed the hourly tuition rate for a part-time student, but the financial aid package will remain at the full-time student status. Thus, one may be receiving a larger than expected refund check. BEWARE - once you register for more credits and reach full-time status, you will receive another tuition bill - so do not spend your extra finaid money early, as you may need to pay it back!

If after the 3rd week of the semester you are still registered as a part-time student, then your financial aid package will be adjusted to reflect part-time status. If you have further questions about your financial aid package, please contact our liaison in the Office of Financial Aid Adam Lucier (


How do I locate SNRE financial aid forms?

Start on this website. If you don't see what you need electronically, you may contact Diana Woodworth (dianaw) or stop by OAP for assistance.

Also, explore our Financial Aid FAQ for quick answers to funding questions.


How do I get reimbursed for travel or research supplies?

Visit the Business Office, 2038 Dana, and they will assist you!


How do I find forms and petitions and masters and doctoral handbooks?

Forms and petitions, along with masters opus and doctoral handbooks, can be found on the "Forms, Policies and Petitions" site, linked from the Current Students dropdown view.  Doctoral students should go to the 'Doctoral Resources' link, from the Current Students dropdown view.


How do I help mentor new students or help recruit new students?

Thank you for asking! SNRE has a Student Ambassador program. If you email Sondra (sondramr), she will explain the setup.  You can view the student amabassadors from this page. 

During the year, we need student volunteers to help respond to student inquiries or provide short-term housing options for prospective students during Visit Day. Please be on the look-out for our email solicitations; but, if you want to volunteer prior to email request – contact the Director or the Recruiting & Admissions Coordinator.


How do I find student support?

The University of Michigan offers a variety of resources which address your mental and physical health. You can browse through Rackham's site to learn more about these opportunities, or you may come in to OAP and speak with the Director of Academic Services. In addition, you will receive emails throughout the year about workshops and programs designed for graduate students.



How do I learn more about graduate student insurance options?

Graduate student instructors or research assistants are eligible for insurance through Gradcare. The most popular plan by non-employed graduate students is Chickering. International students should review the insurance information available through the UM International Center. Effective Fall 2007, UM provided a tuition refund plan (optional) for students. Please read the options listed below carefully.



 How do I learn about University Health Services (UHS)?

Students pay a health service fee as part of tuition. This fee covers most services (Allergy, Immunization, & Travel Health, Eye Care, Gynecology, HIV Counseling and Testing, Laboratory, Medical Clinics, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Speciality Clinics) at UHS. Therefore students have few expenses at UHS. Follow the link to read more about UHS.


How do I find health/safety/insurance information if I want to travel internationally?

University Health Services (UHS) provides a wide array of services related to travel, including specific country health recommendations and requirements, vaccinations, as well as travel insurance. International students may want to review health information compiled from the UM International Center.  Refer to the U-M Global Portal to see additional International resources.


How do I find more mental health resources - for myself or a friend?

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) at U-M is a service free to enrolled students. They created a site called "MITalk" to better equip students in dealing with many mental health stressors affecting them in college, both for themselves or a friend.  If students have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, they should visit


How do I learn more about the U-M athletic facilities for students?

Currently enrolled UM students have access to all of the facilities when they pay their student activity fee each semester. One can play basketball, raquet ball, climb the rock wall, swim, lift weights and the list continues. U-M Recreation Sports has many clubs and Intramural Sports programs to explore, and the Outdoor Adventures rents equipment at reasonable rates.


How do I reserve a room?
Email with the date, time, and your needs. Someone will return your inquiry as soon as possible. 


How do I obtain a key for the building, room, or lab? Students can obtain room and lab keys anytime during the term by having the owner of the room or lab submit a request through email to the Facility Manager at Use your MCard to gain access to the Dana Building after-hours.

After the Facility Manager receives request and approvals, the student takes the key requisition to the U-M Key Office (bottom floor of the Church Street parking structure) to be issued a key for the room number listed on the requisition. All keys require a $5.00 deposit which is refundable when the key is returned to the Key Office.


How do I discover when the Dana Building is open? The Dana Building and classrooms are open Monday through Friday 7am to 10pm during the Fall and Winter terms. All SNRE students can gain entrance to the building using their MCard.  It is strongly advised to reserve a room ( if you wish to have an evening meeting. 


How do I rent a van or vehicle for class or research? Students must work with their Instructor or Research Advisor to determine the purpose, type of vehicle needed, timeline needed, and payment information (all vehicle rentals are charged to University shortcodes). Complete the vehicle request form and submit at least 5 business days prior to reservation date by email to the Facility Manager at  


How do I obtain a locker? Lockers are available to all SNRE students on a first-come, first-serve basis on the first floor near the Commons.  Lockers are distributed on the first day of classes each semester, beginning at 8:00 am, on a first come basis with a $20 refundable deposit.  Email is sent out via the Facility Manager with time, date, and location to appear for a locker. For those who don't receive a locker on the 1st floor, additional airport-style lockers are located on the ground floor near the elevator.  Airport-style lockers require 25cents to operate; the money is returned as you replace the key. 


How do I make paper copies?
The Dana Building does not have a coin or card operated copier. Copiers for student usage can be found in the U-M Graduate Library or Angell Hall.  The larger copier in the Dana Building, off the Commons by the staff mailboxes, has free scanning options. The access code and instructions are next to the machine.


How do I find mailboxes and student mail folders?
Each faculty and staff member in SNRE has a mailbox. All SNRE students have a mailfolder. Faculty mailboxes are located in the Faculty Lounge, off the Commons. Staff mailboxes are found next to the big copier room off the Commons. Student mail folders are in the entry way to the Commons, across from the Career Services bulletin board.


How do I mail letters or packages from the Dana Building?
The mail bins for stamped mail or mail going to another U-M unit are found in OAP, 1520 Dana. Personal packages or personal unstamped mail can not be mailed from the building. US Postal mail is typically delivered to the Dana Building twice a day.


How do I find my lost mitten/return a lost phone?
Behind the front desk in OAP is a lost and found box. If the item is of value, such as a phone, laptop, or keys, we will send out an email to all. All other items are put into a box, and it is up to the owner to claim. We donate unclaimed items seasonally.


How do I get assistance with accommodating my disability?

The School of Natural Resources and Environment faculty and staff want our students to receive a quality educational experience, and will work towards decreasing disability-related barriers in the pursuit of higher education.  Register with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, speak to your instructors at the beginning of each term, speak with the SNRE Director of Academic Services, and please read our informational page.