School of Natural Resources and Environment

Internship Reports

Title Desc. Internship Funding
A Rocha

Samantha Miller was an Agricultural Intern with A Rocha, an international Christian environmental organization focusing on place-based social justice and conservation. Her time involved working the 3-acres of organic farmland for CSA production, coordinating food preservation and leading workshops, and aiding in grant writing for community garden partnerships with the local school district. She also was involved with food sovereignty related programming with refugees, immigrants and urban populations of all ages.

Acumen Fund

Michael Baratoff provided debt and equity to small water companies operating in rural regions of the developing world.

AES Energy Storage
Alliance for the Great Lakes

Anna Ruszaj interned with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, spending seven weeks with this advocacy NGO based in Chicago, IL.

Alliance for the Great Lakes

Sarah Geise intered at Alliance for the Great Lakes and focused on policy and planning for separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins to prevent transfers of aquatic invasive species with a heavy emphasis on public messaging. Side projects included social media outreach, a bi-state coastal restoration planning project and database use. Writing for the general public and GIS analysis were important aspects of this internship and it was a very rewarding first experience for Sarah to work with a non-profit/NGO.


Performed rigorous six sigma analysis of Amazon Robotics stow error injection; initiated enhancements resulting in 29% error reduction and $14.4M annual savings.

Anne Arundel County Dept of Public Works: Watershed, Ecosystems, and Restoration Services

As an intern working jointly with the Watershed Planning and Ecological Assessment programs in Anne Arundel County, Alicia had the opportunity to work on overlapping projects collaborating with both programs. 


Jason took on business development and sales activities for a start-up LED lighting company focused on daylight emulation technology.

As You Sow


Renata Soares helped to structure a housing BoP project. 

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

Amanda Stone interned with Ashoka in Arlington, VA. 

Axio Power

Brian Katzman developed a methodology for the screening and development of brownfield properties into utility scale solar projects.  Similarly, he performed a cost-benefit analysis and created a process for the development of BLM lands for utility scale solar projects.

Axio Power

Greg Buzzell interned at Axio Power.  

Bangalore, India

BHP Billiton

Annie Barton worked at BHPB's emissions trading desk working on CDM project origination and emission reduction opportunities for global mining assets.

Black & Veatch

Dan Wilson interned with the Renewable Energy Group of Black & Veatch, a global engineering consulting firm. 

Black & Veatch

Patty Liao interned with Black & Veatch.  The consultants she interned with mainly worked with banks to provide an independent engineer's assessment of solar power plant proposals that needed funding. 


Boston Properties

Brian Swett worked on real estate development that focused on green building strategies.

Bowling Green City Park

M'Lis Bartlett designed a memorial for local community member in the form of a viewing platform.

BP Exploration Alaska

In this internship, Tyson worked in Air Quality Assurance looking at regulatory compliance. 

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation

During this weeklong sustainability fellowship, Becky worked with and met 21 graduate and undergraduates students from around the world as well as alumni and program leaders pursuing all different aspects of sustainability. Topics included industrial agriculture, organic agriculture, visioning, and building community. Becky also learned about applying principles that relate to sustainability, such as vocation and trust to her own life.

Cafe Direct Producers' Foundation

Bo Williams researched carbon finance opportunities for climate change adaptation projects on tea cooperatives in Kenya and Uganda. He learned the processes necessary for developing carbon assets, how to communicate with stakeholders to best organize research, and how to prepare readable reports. Personally, Bo states that he learned that environmental improvement must be sought and accomplished in a way that is most beneficial to human well-being.

Center for Energy and Environment
Tim Dobson completed three projects related to renewable energy research and community involvement. The main focus was finding institutions that would allow my company to learn and possibly partner with them on a community renewable energy project. Through this research-centered internship, he was able to learn much about the current state of renewable energy in Minnesota and gained a better understanding of what the work environment is like in an energy non-profit company.
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

As an intern at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) this summer Ann Kuo met with senior scientists in the Governance team to learn about their current and future projects within the oil palm sector. Specifically they were assigned to examining and researching the different business models and the reasons for their success and/or challenges. As part of an upcoming project, she investigated the research and literature that was in existence as well as the gaps that will need to be filled in future by the team at CIFOR or elsewhere.

Centro de Politicas Públicas UC

The internship consisted in leading a study which analyzed recycling programs carried out at different municipalities of Santiago, Chile.

Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens

Ning served as a teaching assistant during the 6th Academy of Conservation Training in Nanjing.


Angela Giuliano's internship provided her with an opportunity to expand her GIS skills and to learn how to use satellite imagery in ArcGIS. 


Emily Dwinnells worked on energy efficiency and other sustainability initiatives.  She mapped a process for energy improvement and calculated the energy savings and impact reduction.

City of Ann Arbor

In her internship at the City of Ann Arbor, Mickey Aldridge learned about the daily operation of a local government.

City of Ann Arbor

Jen Kullgren worked in the City of Ann Arbor’s Systems Planning unit, focusing on urban forestry. In addition to field work and tree assessments, she accomplished two major projects to advance Ann Arbor’s Urban Forestry program. First, Jen developed a best practices manual to create universal guidelines for forestry field and maintenance work. The goal of this document is to design uniform urban forestry management practices, to be followed by city staff and outside entities, to enhance, protect and sustain Ann Arbor’s urban forest.

City of Ann Arbor
City of Ann Arbor Energy Office

In this internship Laura Palombi engaged and coordinated internal and external stakeholders to develop energy efficiency financing programs for the City of Ann Arbor's Energy Office.

City of Ann Arbor, Systems Planning

Jen Kullgren worked in the City of Ann Arbor’s Systems Planning unit, focusing on urban forestry. In addition to field work and tree assessments, she accomplished two major projects to advance Ann Arbor’s Urban Forestry program. First, she developed a best practices manual to create universal guidelines for forestry field and maintenance work. The goal of this document is to design uniform urban forestry management practices, to be followed by city staff and outside entities, to enhance, protect and sustain Ann Arbor’s urban forest.

City of Asheville Office of Sustainability

Kerby Smithson worked on a number of municipal sustainability initiatives, including carbon footprint analysis, project development, research, and public outreach.

City of Cambridge, Department of Public Works

Sara Turner interned with the City of Cambridge's Department of Public Works. Her internship allowed her to advance her planting design knowledge and skills. She designed a demonstration rain garden for the City of Cambridge and presented the design to a public committee. Besides design work she completed an inventory of park trees in GIS that helped catalog park trees for the City Arborist.

City of Detroit City Council President

In this internship, Joel Heeres completed a number of activities. He helped analyze potential strategies and wrote portions of the City of Detroit's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant applications. He also coordinated the logistics of various subcommittee meetings of the Green Task Force of Detroit City Council. He attended numerous meetings as a representative of the office, both participating and at time presenting about the activities of the office to fellow government employees, private citizens, and representatives of private companies.

City of Seattle - City Green Building

Jen worked in the City of Seattle's City Green Building program under the Department of Planning and Development to begin evaluating the success of Priority Green Expedited, an accelerated permitting process to incentivize and increase the number of sustainable buildings in the city.

City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development

During the internship with the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development, Lani Leuthvilay worked directly with urban designers, land use planners, and transportation planners on the development of a streetscape concept plan for Thomas Street to guide future development. The concept design plans prioritized pedestrian and bicycling safety, green stormwater infrastructure, mixed-use development, and other stakeholder group concerns. 

City of Ypsilanti

This internship dealt mainly with managing an urban forestry grant that the City of Ypsilanti previously received. 

CLF Ventures

During the summer of 2008 Diane Sherman interned at CLF Ventures, a unique environmental non-profit organization that offers consulting services and is affiliated with the New England-based Conservation Law Foundation. 

Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (CILER)

Ashley Burtner interned with The Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (CILER).  This internship was one of many offered through CILER's Summer Fellowship program.

Council on the Environment of NYC

Mí¢â‚¬â„¢Lis Bartlett interned with The Council on the Environment of NYC.  2007 internship

Council on the Environment, NYC (CENYC)

M'Lis Bartlett worked with CENYC staff to design and construction rainwater harvesting units in NYC community gardens. 2009 internship

Department of Energy and Environment

Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration

Patty Liao spent her internship at the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, where she analyzed international renewable energy generation facilities. 

Department of the Interior

Alexandro Bazan contributed to the Department’s Strategic and Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP), a required report that describes how the DOI is achieving the goals set by Executive Order 13514 on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. Efforts involved playing an important role in the SSPP review process by coordinating revisions, suggestions, and comments of the working document.

Dow Chemical

Ali Moazed assisted in developing a company-wide climate change (carbon reduction) strategy.

DTE Biomass Energy

SNRE student worked for DTE Biomass Energy which is a subsidiary of DTE and owns/operates ~25 landfill gas projects in the United States. 

Duke Energy

Charlotte Mack's summer internship was spent with Duke Energy, an independent energy company/utility operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. 

Duke Energy

This summer Meredith Irwin worked in the Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy group at Duke Energy Corporation. The primary focus of her internship was to analyze the potential for electricity generation using woody biomass feedstocks in franchised service territory and the impacts of this generation on forest sustainability.

Eaton Corporation

Devon Treece did forecasting work so that Eaton can better understand product opportunities in the 15-20 year future.  

Ecocity Builders

Christian Runge did community design work for Ecocity Builders and the Village Bottoms Community Development Corportation.  He learned a lot of technical and design skills, and a lot about politics and race issues related to urban land development.


Qiaoting worked with natural gas and oil compliance data initiative to perform data analysis / research.


Jing Bu participated in several projects. His normal work and project responsibilities included plan and section drawings, CAD drafting, color rendering, presentation books and Chinese translation.

Environmental and Energy Study Institute

Dave Gershman wrote issue briefs on the Environmental Protection Agency's air pollution and greenhouse gas regulations.

Environmental Defense Fund

In 2010, EDF worked with Walmart to set a goal to reduce GHG emissions from the supply chain by 20MMT by 2015. They identified fertilizer use on agricultural products as a key hotspot of greenhouse gas emissions for their products. Given EDF's competency working on sustainable grain farming in the US, they initiated a project working at both ends of the grain supply chain to create both a demand signal for sustainably produced grain (namely corn) as well as the supply and infrastructure to provide it without a segregated supply chain.

Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps (Facebook)

Cynthia Shih worked on a three-person team to identify energy efficiency opportunities in Facebook's office facilities, including lighting retrofits, IT configuration, and new building construction.

Environmental Law and Policy Center

Terri Schroeder interned with the Environmental Law and Policy Center.


Environmental Protection Agency

Susan E. Lorenz interned for the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3.

Environmental Protection Agency

Siddharth Nag interned with the EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.  

Environmental Protection Agency

In this internship, Sean Southard worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC.  He primarily worked with the Energy Star Labeling Branch, in the Climate Protection Partnerships Division, but also worked with the Commercial Buildings Program. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In this internship, Tingting Liu learned how government regulates environment problems.  At the same time, she learned how the EPA builds connections with private companies.  

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/ and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Pamela Barclay worked in the EPAí¢â‚¬â„¢s Clean Energy and Climate Change Office developing a best practices guide for medium-and heavy-duty truck fleets to incorporate alternative vehicles and technologies into their vehicle pool to reduce diesel emissions.

Erb Family Foundation

Fair Food Network

(2009 Internship) During Alex Linkow's 10 weeks at the Fair Food Network, he conducted research for an upcoming book which will describe the current state of the U.S. food system and will offer a path toward food system sustainability.  In addition, Alex conducted research for Dr. Lu's Healing Cuisine, an entrepreneurial business venture, sponsored in part by Fair Food Network.

Fair Food Network

(2010 Internship) In this internship, Alex Linkow conducted research for grant proposals, facilitated the creation of marketing collateral, and engaged in field research for a Southeast Michigan food hub feasibility study. During the summer, he gained an understanding of the grant writing process, as well as experience in managing vendor relationships, conducting field interviews, and designing marketing strategies.

Five Valleys Land Trust

In the Summer of 2009 Nick Deyo worked for Five Valleys Land Trust (FVLT) in Missoula, MT, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of opens space, working agricultural lands, and wildlife habitat on private lands in Western Montana. 

Focus: HOPE

Robert Primeau was the Project Manager for landscape improvments, including a new playground at Glazer Elementary in Detroit. He created a work plan, wrote a request for proposal for services, hired contractors, negotiated contracts and made final purchase decisions on over $50,000 worth of work at the site. Robert also organized volunteer work days related to improvements and marshaled the help of other non-profits as well as my funding source, Christ Church Cranbrook

Food System Economic Partnership

Jennifer Young interned with the Food System Economic Partnership.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Sheena VanLeuven conducted research on human rights and human trafficking risks in the automotive supply chain, researched water risk in Ford's supply chain, and collaborated on other projects in the Supply Chain Sustainability and Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering departments. She presented her findings to department leadership with her recommendations on how to move forward in these areas.

Ford Motor Company

Tina Bosch interned in the supply chain sustainability group within Ford's global purchasing organization. She researched sustainability issues and made strategy recommendations, presenting findings to senior management in the company.

Ford Motor Company

Amy Braun worked for Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company

Antonia Chan is an Erb student and interned in the Supply Chain Sustainability group at Ford Motor Company. Since the team had recently lost its champion, she identified and built strategic cross-departmental relationships to enhance the impact of the work in the SCS group. She also helped developed a supply chain sustainability scorecard to evaluate supplier performance and communicate actions to mitigate reputational, financial, and legal risks to Ford.

Friend's Of Nature and The Healthy Reefs Initiative

Through Lauren Pidot's Weinberg Fellowship, she was able to spend the summer working with two Belize-based NGOs focused on ecosystem-based management of coastal resources.

GE Renewable Energy Leadership Program

Rupal Shroff had a professional internship with the GE Renewable Energy Leadership Program. 

General Motors, MBAs Across America

At GM, Brianna worked on developing a global strategy for corporate citizenship.  For MBAx, Brianna tackled five 1-week projects with social entrepreneurs across the country.

Genesee Institute

Rebekah VanWieren interned with the Genesee Institute. 

Global Alliance of Artists

Catherine Game worked on a number of programs and activities throughout the summer with the Global Alliance of Artists

Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia

The Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia is an NGO that aims to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in Indonesia.

Gorman Heritage Farm

For this internship Ann worked at a farm camp and led groups of children in farm and nature-based education activities. She was also given three weeks off to do some organic gardening and shadow the education director.

Grand Rapids City Hall

Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

Eric mainly helped the conservancy with invasive species management. He also did some work on trail construction and used GIS software. 

Grass Lake Sanctuary

During the summer of 2010, Sarah Alward designed and created an illustrative master plan for the non-profit organization, Grass Lake Sanctuary (GLS). GLS is a 145-acre tract that provides spaces and programs where people can learn to reestablish balance and connection between their personal and natural worlds.

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
At the Great Lakes Environmental Research laboratory, Yi Xiaoshen mastered the programming and application of Matlab.
Great Lakes Evironmental Research Laboratory

In this internship John Cawood was a part of a working group in NOAA's Regional Collaboration team which assembled regional climate change training materials for all NOAA/SeaGrant employees. The final products, a series of webinars and a web portal, served as a pilot project for the working group, reaching over 10% of NOAA employees in the Great Lakes region. John performed an evaluation that was used to track the achievement of objectives and improve the program.

Green Seal

Ye Yue worked remotely to help develop GS-45 standards on single-use plastic resin film bags, conducted LCA comparing conventional and environmentally preferable products.

Green Zhejiang

As an intern in the Department of Water Conservation in Green Zhejiang,

Greenbelt Alliance

As an intern for Greenbelt Alliance, Kristen Johnson facilitated the Green Vision Groupí¢â‚¬â„¢s efforts to conserve open space in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.


As a Summer Associate at GreenOrder, Michelle worked with a global client company and its multiple business units to develop and implement a holistic product lifecycle management strategy.

Growing Hope

As the Growing Hope Community Outreach and Education Fellow, Lauren Lesch was responsible for the creation and design of educational and outreach materials.

Honest Tea

At Honest Tea, Liz Abbett spearheaded a variety of initiatives to improve operational efficiency and standardize procedures. One major project was the development of the company's first-ever bottler scorecard, which provides feedback to bottlers based on nine key performance indicators. In addition, Liz also supported cross-functional projects connected to Honest Tea's sustainability mission, such as the launch of an eco-friendly loyalty program and the nomination of Honest Tea's lightweight plastic bottle for a packaging award.

Huron River Watershed Council

Huron River Watershed Council

Emma Maack worked on a number of large and small projects related to local ordinances that affect water quality, organizational relationships with local communities, and field assessments on ecological quality. One of her main projects involved researching and summarizing relevant ordinances in the Portage Creek watershed, and analyzing the possibilities for improvement. She also created an Access database organized by community so HRWC could begin tracking information on policies and ordinances as well as their own projects in their 63 constituent communities.

Huron River Watershed Council

Dieter Bouma worked on the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Watershed Management Plan, organized a Creek Group, performed water sampling, and managed a rain barrel distribution project.


Huron River Watershed Council
Josh developed a report to the DEQ about barriers to green infrastructure (GI) (for stormwater management) in Washtenaw County, MI. He conducted inverviews with local and county officials to get their perspective on GI and to understand their process of implementing it. He then conducted background research into local ordinances and county codes and synthesized findings into a report that included solutions to the barriers.
Huron River Watershed Council

Elizabeth Nellums organized the volunteer teams for the Bioreserve Assessments. She also spent time in the field conducting assessments herself. She organized the data that was collected.


Huron River Watershed Council

Lynn Kalfsbeek co-managed the Bioreserve Program.

Huron River Watershed Council

Huron River Watershed Council

Huron River Watershed Council

Tina worked with the watershed planner at the Huron River Watershed Council to analyze the storm water management opportunities within the Swift Run creekshed and to develop two conceptual designs for specific sites within the watershed.  The creekshed evaluation involved utilizing GIS to analyze the land use and landscape characteristics of the area to identify appropriate storm water measures. 

Huron River Watershed Council

In this internship, Anne Kohl collected water quality samples from the Middle Huron River in Washtenaw County and the Chain of Lakes Region of the Huron River in Livingston County. She also collected storm samples from various creeksheds within the Huron River Watershed. Lastly, she helped the Portage Creek Watershed communities identify priority activities from the Portage Creek Watershed Plan in order to apply for federal and state grant funding.

Huron River Watershed Council

In this internship with the Huron River Watershed Council, Elizabeth worked closely with volunteer "citizen scientists" to obtain streamflow measurements, baseline samples, and storm-event samples throughout the Huron River watershed for water quality analysis.

Huron-Clinton Metroparks

Becky Gajewski worked for the Huron-Clinton Metroparks as a natural resources aide. The main focus of her job was to implement habitat restoration strategies within most of the 13 Metroparks throughout southeast Michigan.

ICF International
ICF International

Shreyas worked with ICF International's Energy Environment and Transportation division as a member of the environmental markets team doing regulatory compliance analyses


Indorama Coporation

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy

During this internship, Ajay was in charge of a one of the entire company's greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Institute for Fisheries Research

Kensuke Mori interned with the Institute for Fisheries Research.

International Center for Corporate Accountability

In this internship Eric Kravitz analyzed and evaluated existing practices for reporting environmental data in corporate sustainability/responsibility reports.  He also gained expertise measuring various indicators of environmental performance, and managing this data within an existing database.  Eric Kravitz also worked on a case study of electronic waste and corporate disposal practices.

Johnson Controls

At Johnson Controls, Allison Shapiro worked as a corporate strategy intern for Power Solutions, a $4b energy storage business unit that specialized in battery manufacturing.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

SNRE student worked with team of planners to develop integrated regional water management plans for regionally organized client agencies. 

KPMG Global Center for Sustainability and Climate Change

KPMG recently launched a Global Center for Climate Change and Sustainability. The Center coordinates 54 national sustainability consulting services. Brent Hire helped to identify key strategic sectors and developed go-to-market strategies for each one.

Kymeira Materials

Kate Newlin's job as an intern was to conduct a LCA-based analysis of a material being developed by a start-up material supplier. Personally, she learned that it is important to understand the types of work settings that contribute to efficient and focused work, and those that are distracting, then to do what you can to create the former for yourself. Professionally, Kate learned firsthand how tricky LCA can be, particularly with respect to data collection.

Land Architects

Danielle Kahn provided support for creation of garden designs / residential master plans for high end residential clients. 

League of Conservation Voters

Mike Sintetos was given a wide variety of tasks during his internship with LCV, including: 1) making calls and distributing materials to congressional offices; 2) writing a policy memo advising LCV on an issue; 3) contributing to LCV's blog; 4) attending strategy meetings with the greater environmental community; and 5) working on LCV's Envrionmental Scorecard. He also made valuable contacts with members of other national environmental organizations.

Legacy Land Conservancy

As an intern with the Legacy Land Conservancy (LLC), Liz created management plans for the Conservancyí¢â‚¬â„¢s five preserves. 

Legacy Land Conservancy


Brandon worked with water scientists and engineers on organizing and calibrating data for predictive hydrodynamic models.

Little Traverse Conservancy - Cedarville, MI

Living Steel

Julia Koslow performed life cycle assessment of new building in Wuhan, China.

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Heather Morgan operated an air monitor running in a community on the fenceline with Chalmette Refining, Co.

M Cubed Q Fever in Kenya Research Group

Madison County Planning and Development Department

Janet's internship project was in two parts: (1) A study of changes in runoff and NPS pollution resulting from anticipated land use change scenarios in Madison County, including scenarios with forested riparian buffers of various widths. This work required the use of GIS software. (2) Creating a policy framework for a riparian buffer ordinance in Madison County. For this, she researched riparian buffer ordinances in other communities and consulted with the County Planning Commission on what measures would be feasible.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

In this internship, Morgane Treanton compiled and edited an environmental workbook for schools to obtain a certification if they are progressive and environmentally friendly. 

Manlius Greenspace Coalition

Michael S. Jastremski interned with the Manlius Greenspace Coalition.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Michael Wagman preformed stream surveys sampling fish, crayfish, and herpetofauna of Maryland streams.  He also preformed GIS support for a variety of projects from developing future site locations to delineating watersheds from topo maps to making maps for several projects and reports.

Masco Corporation

Melissa learned about the culture of a large corporate environment.  She performed projects like: evaluating and comparing Mascoí¢â‚¬â„¢s Global Supply Chain Policies with other companies. 

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Alex installed a medicinal garden that opened in August.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Arboretum
At the Gardens and Arboretum, Cecilia Seiter interned with the Natural Areas team. She worked outdoors to maintain the woods and trails of both properties. Cecilia removed woody and herbaceous invasive species, and helped make decisions about priorities in one particular area of the Gardens. She learned to apply pesticides, drive a tractor, use a gas-powered brush blade, and drive a dump truck. She also learned a lot both about working as a team, and leading a team.
Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Stacy Mates' internship was to co-coordinate Cultivating Community, which provides hands-on gardening and food system education for UM students.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Erika Hasle worked with another intern to create a database of benches and trees within MBG and NA. 

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

In this internship, Bethany Hellmann worked as a natural areas technician at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum.  Her main duties included invasive species removal, trail maintenance and planting native plants.  She learned much about ecological restoration, native areas maintenance and team work. 

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Jen Horton worked at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens (MBG) for the summer.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum


In this internship Renata Amaral worked in a post merger management project of two financial institutions and she did organization re-design and found cost synergies.

Meadowlark Builders

Michigan Department of Agriculture

Rachel Chadderdon worked with the Michigan Department of Agriculture as a member of the FDA-funded Rapid Response Team (RRT).  The RRT's goal is to analyze the commodity food system in Michigan for opportunities to make food production and distribution safer.  Rachel worked with professionals at MDA and FDA to deliver needed background research and went on field research trips.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Brian Schaap worked with a team of interns (Law students, Masters students, Undergraduate students) on various projects relevant to the current work of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Conservation programs targeted at private lands demand a great deal of effort at building relationships with landowners.  It can be a long process and not something well suited for a summer intern.  But, as an intern with Michiganí¢â‚¬â„¢s Department of Resources, Landowner Incentive Program (LIP), Andrew Fotinos was fortunate to have the opportunity to í¢â‚¬Ëœborrowí¢â‚¬â„¢ the credibility of his supervisor and work with landowners with whom he had already established relationships. 

Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment

James Mulligan worked directly for the Deputy Director of MDNRE on management and implementation issues arising with the merger of MDNR and MDEQ. James spent the bulk of his internship compiling a report based on in-depth interviews with MDNRE leadership about current environmental management practices and the prospect for implementing a new model for environmental governance. Through his work, James was exposed to the wide range of statutory, budgetary, and political constraints facing state policymakers. 

Michigan Environmental Council

Markus Walther worked on Michigan electricity policy and financial modeling of a utility for the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC). On the policy part, he looked at the current policy of the Michigan Public Service Commission regarding how investor-owned utilities can proceed when planning new power plants and making recommendations for integrated resource planning. On the modeling side, he made an Excel model of how the total cost of electricity is calculated and how changing fuel prices or replacing a gas plant with wind would affect the overall cost of electricity.

Michigan Environmental Council

Ryan Moody worked with one colleague to construct from scratch a cost of service model for the Michigan electric utility, Consumers Energy. This model assessed economic, energy, and environmental impacts to the utility and ratepayers across several alternative scenarios, such as new renewable and traditional generation investments, fuel prices, energy efficiency programs, environmental regulations, carbon prices, etc.

Michigan Environmental Council
Michigan Green Communities

This internship involves coordinating Michigan Green Communities -- a peer learning network of local governments from across the state that work together to advance sustainability. Through the internship Laura develops resources, organizes events, and provides organizational administration in order to help local governments connect and learn from each other.

Michigan Sea Grant

Alison Stevens had two different projects for the summer. The first was part of the Saginaw Bay Multiple Stressors project. They had a workshop in May to discuss remaining information/research/communication/outreach gaps and needs for the project as well as the next steps, which Alison composed the breakout discussion questions for and attended as a note-taker. Following the workshop, she spent her summer writing the report for the workshop which will go out to all relevant stakeholders to be used as a guide for future work.

Michigan Tech Research Institute

In this internship, Becky Gajewski was responsible for completing a variety of environmental data analyses using GIS software, and she assisted in the collection of field data.

Michigan Tech Research Institute

Naomi Hamermesh mainly assisted with two different projects at MTRI. 

Michigan Tech Research Institute

Mission Throttle

Missoula County Government

In the Summer of 2010 Nick Deyo worked for Rural Initiatives, a department of the Missoula County government which is located in Western Montana.  Like other fast growing western counties, Missoula Countyí¢â‚¬â„¢s rural landscapes are being altered by continued pressure to convert natural resource rich lands to residential development.  Rural Initiatives mission is to maintain rural landscapes and lifestyles by providing planning and growth management assistance, encouraging public participation in local government, and developing conservation programs specific to rural areas. 

Nat Assc of Dev Org
Parrish Bergquist onducted research on community development strategies being implemented across the United States with the National Association of Development Organizations. She authored one full report, based on qualitative research (primarily interviews) on several rural communities. She also contributed case studies for a larger report. For both reports, Parrish conducted the research, wrote text, and designed layouts.
National Association of Development Organizations
Parrish Bergquist conducted research on community development strategies being implemented across the United States. Parish authored one full report, based on qualitative research (primarily interviews) on several rural communities. He also contributed case studies for a larger report. For both reports, he conducted the research, wrote text, and designed layouts.
National Climate Change Secretariat in Singapore

During her internship, Michelle analyzed the potential of introducing a new renewable energy in Singapore and was involved in organizing an international conference focused on REDD+ and biodiversity.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This summer, Danielle Forsyth worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Michigan Department of Natural Resources to develop a GIS-based decision support tool.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

Bryan Sederberg accepted an internship that focused on Great Lakes Restoration.

National Park Service

Rebecca Brooke interned with the National Park Service.  The National Parks Business Plan Initiative (BPI) is a creative public/private partnership designed to promote the long-term health of our national parks through development of improved financial planning  and management tools.

National Resources Defense Council, China
National Wildlife Federation

Alexandria Teague interned with the National Wildlife Federation, Great Lakes Office.

National Wildlife Federation

Heath Nero interned with the National Wildlife Federation.

National Wildlife Federation

Natalie Flynn assisted in the creation of a new program to advocate for states to implement climate change into State Wildlife Action Plans.

National Wildlife Federation

During the Summer of 2010, Bethany worked for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) as their Restoration Practices Adaptive to Climate Change Safeguards Intern at their Great Lakes Regional Center in Ann Arbor, MI.  Her supervisor was Melinda Koslow, the Regional Campaign Manager for the Climate Change Safeguards Program and a graduate of SNRE.  Bethany researched current climate change projections for Southeast Michigan and restoration practices adaptive to climate change. 

Natural Resources Defense Council

As an intern in the NRDC Climate Center, Seth's overarching goal was to support the Climate Center's work to defend EPA's authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Seth's primary project was researching and writing a report and presentation regarding the effectiveness and feasibility of individual federal policies to reduce GHG emissions.  

Nestle Waters/Poland Spring (through Clean Air - Cool Planet Fellows Program)

At Poland Spring Bottling, a Nestle Waters North America company, Christina Bosch completed three projects.

Network for Environment and Sustainable Development - Central Africa

Brad Kinder's internship was designed to advance transparency, accountability, and equity in Camerooní¢â‚¬â„¢s forest tax revenue distribution system. This system was established to ensure rural communities benefit from the logging operations taking place in close proximity to their villages.


Supply Chain/Operations


As a Summer Fellow at GLERL Julie Mida worked closely with a lead researcher on a project to gather field data on the coastal transport patterns of the Grand River plume as it enters Lake Michigan. 

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

In this internship, Julia Raskin worked in the Sustainability Initiatives office on projects to lower the environmental impact of the Parks Department.


Caronline worked on designing a pilot to launch an software that would more accurately estimate residential energy savings and calculate actual energy saved after a home performance retrofit project was completed. 


Jason Good wrote reports based on his prior experience, using the analytical and writing skills he honed in graduate school.


This internship provided Siddharth Nag an opportunity to practice and participate in environmental legal actions.  He drafted legal documents for current actions, preformed legal research, and wrote legal memorandums for internal staff use.


Theo worked to create baseline data on attitudes and awareness, economic, and socio-economic information for the 5th marine reserve on the Oregon Coast.


Office of Management and Budget

Nicole Fernandes backfilled an Examiner's position and oversaw the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Geological Survey within OMB.

Office of Management and Budget

Office of Managment and Budget

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG)

For part of this internship, Brian Moss conducted market research surveys to help answer strategic direction questions posed by the management team. As part of this effort he also complied, analyzed, and presented data to support his strategic recommendations.

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

As a Training Coordinator at OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon in Portland, Oregon, Emily Chi coordinated and mentored three youth organizers-in-training. She developed curriculum for seven weeks of training sessions and facilitated two-hour discussion sessions around topics of environmental justice, transportation health, and community organizing. She coordinated the scheduling and logistics of the new organizers-in-training program, arranged for community leaders to participate as guest speakers, and gained experience in grassroots community organizing.

Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (BEST)

Nate Springer interned with Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) in Portland, OR.

Oregon Department of Energy

Melinda Koslow was involved in sleuthing, selecting and synthesizing energy resource management strategies and tactics used by local jurisdictions around Oregon and the nation. 

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Yi Hou developed GIS maps showing the locations where estuarine and freshwater quality standards should be applied and identified the areas.  

Pacific Gas & Electric

Andrea evaluated the impact that a capital project management improvement initiative at PG&E would have on field crews and personnel working on transmission and distribution projects.

Patriot Solar Group

Philips Healthcare - India

Photo Science Geospatial Solutions

Mark Yoders applied and explored uses of LiDAR, thermal, color infrared and normal color imagery for environmental monitoring, asset inventory databases, disaster mitigation and forest mensuration.

Piedmont Environmental Council Intern

Michelle Aldridge completed a 6-week program on all aspects of a successful land trust.

Poyang Lake Ecological Environment and Resource Development Program

Tao Zhang interned with the Poyang Lake Ecological Environment and Resource Development Program.

Public Art Workz

Becky Schwartz collaborated on two grants and one donation request, created and organized human resource files, recruited two interns and one part-time volunteer, organized files, and performed a Gmail and Google calendar training session.

Quality Behavioral Health, Inc.

Shilpy Singh interned with Quality Behavioral Health, Inc.

Recycle Here!

Lauren Cooper furthered development of Recycle Here!'s existing Detroit Public School Education program.  To achieve this, she identified new partners and established relationships with various organizations. 

Rio Tinto
Riverview Gardens

Emily Lauderdale developed a rendered site plan of the CSA farm, park space, and trails system to be used for planning and fundraising purposes. She also led work crews of teens and individuals with limited employment opportunities on landscaping and trail building projects. She developed landscape maintenance plans and planting designs for landscape features as well.

Rocky Mountain Institute

Maite Madrazo - Created techno-economic analysis and projections of off-grid PV+Storage hybrid systems. - Determined year for techno-economic grid parity of these hybrid systems in different locations throughout the US.

Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute

Zeqi conducte

Rocky Mountain Institute

Roscommon, MI

saa synergies

During this internship, Liz Westbrook was able to observe how landscape architecture, site design, vaastu principles and construction is done in Northern India.

San Francisco Parks Trust

While working for SFPT, Allison documented and analyized the environmental benefits associated with Street Parks in the city of San Francisco. 

Seattle City Attorney's Office

Gus Winkes completed a legal internship with Seattle City Attorney's office. He is a  dual degree student with the law school. For the internship, Gus obtained a limited license to practice law in Washington. This allowed him to represent the City of Seattle in court and to draft legal documents, in addition to doing extensive legal research and writing. He worked for the Land Use Section, so learned a lot about Seattle land use law, as well as general lawyering skills.

Shepherd Advisors

Laura researched the current status of utility-scale solar market and developed resources that will be used to market knowledge of this industry to manufacturing firms. 


Brent created an employee engagement sustainability concept for Siemens global at German corporate offices.  Picture: Brent with Madeleine Albright.

Sierra Club

Michelle Martinez worked with the Sierra Club Environmental Justice Chapter in Detroit to investigate the cumulative health impacts of industrial pollution on human health.

Sierra Club
Interning with the Sierra Club Detroit provided Ryan Stock with the perfect application to strategies and theories he had learned at SNRE. Perhaps the most profound experience was working closely with Rhonda Anderson, who is a virtuoso of community organizing. His analytical skills were employed doing investigative research into the toxic releases of industries in correlation to how these releases pose a threat to public health and decline of ecosystem health.
Sierra Nevada Alliance

This summer, Kathleen McIntyre worked as the Regional Climate Intern with the Sierra Nevada Alliance. The Alliance is a non-profit that works to protect and restore Sierra land, water, wildlife, and communities.

Simpa Networks

Katy Newhouse worked as a William Davidson Institute (WDI) fellow at Simpa Networks in Bangalore, India. Simpa is an early-stage clean tech start-up that developed a metering technology that allows customers to pay-as-they-go for solar home systems. Her primary role was to work with the product development team on market research and experiments related to developing a new product for un-electrified homes in rural India. She also lead two referral program pilots and developed a framework for evaluating customer satisfaction.

Simpe Networks

Simpa’s technology and platform has the potential to change the way energy is used in rural electrification efforts. Simpa’s pay-as-you-go model streamlines payment collections, offers operational efficiency, and provides access to people who otherwise wouldn’t have electricity. Currently, Simpa applies their technology to solar home systems that provide energy to a single home. My job was to help them analyze the potential to enter new markets. To achieve this, I produced a three-part analysis.

Slow Food Huron Valley

Lauren Maloney's internship was with Slow Food Huron Valley in Ann Arbor, MI. Slow Food Huron Valley is a local chapter of Slow Food USA.

SNRE Alumni Relations and Development Office
In the SNRE Office of Alumni Relations and Development, Kate Harris helped plan events for alumni and worked on developing a long term strategic plan for helping alums be more engaged with the school. She learned a lot about contact management and prioritizing projects based on their overall impact.
Southern California Edison

Geoff worked in Regulatory Affairs - Strategic Planning group.

SRG Global

As part of the Tauber Institute's summer internship program, Alanya Schofield managed a four person multidisciplinary student team tasked with developing a strategy for SRG Global, an automotive trim manufacturer, to diversify into renewable energy products.


Ryan spent most of my time on the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Steelcase Inc.

Ben Massie's main duties focused on creating life cycle assessments for a couple of Steelcase's products. 

Stonyfield Farm Company

One of Wenting Sun's duties was to develop a Stonyfield Farm product packaging inventory which included the packaging material type and quantity of all their products.

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI)

Wesley Allred worked in SunEdison's Distributed Generation Commercial Operations group, providing strategic analysis on how the company should evolve their solar product offering to meet changing customer needs. Additionally, He performed a detailed market assessment of a new target customer segment.

SunGard (through the EDF Climate Corps Fellowship)

Ryan Whisnant's internship this summer was through the Environmental Defense Fundí¢â‚¬â„¢s Climate Corps Fellowship, working as a Sustainability Analyst for SunGard, a $5B IT services company based in Wayne, PA.

Technology for Tomorrow

Jenna conducted a social life cycle assessment of Technology for Tomorrow's MakaPads product. She used the UN's S-LCA methodology.


During the summer of 2010, Rachana Patel interned on the Business Development team at TerraCycle.  There, she pitched new deals to several brands (small to large) in order to generate new business. 

The Biodiversity Project
This project has been an amazing aid to Betsy Riley, both personally and professionally. From a professional standpoint, she's gained valuable work experience in the areas of surveying, interview work, report writing, and, soon, presenting my findings. The work that Betsy has done is firmly in the area of environmental communications and outreach, and she's made some great contacts in the area of work that she want to go into.
The Dow Chemical Company

Kenneth Johnson developed value proposition for new powertrain lubrication through a three‑phased life cycle assessment and presented key recommendations. Created modeling tool to quantify carbon emissions and economic value for automakers, consumers and Dow.

The Farm at St. Joseph Mercy Health System

The Food System Economic Partnership

Benjamin Johnson interned with The Food System Economic Partnership.

The Greening of Detroit

Oren Brandvain helped to develop the Vacant Land Program under the Green Infrastructure Department. He began with the installation of 10 neighborhood beautification/stormwater management treatment located on vacant lots in the Cody Rouge neighborhood. Oren then developed materials for outreach, program development, and evaluation.

The Greening of Detroit

Faií¢â‚¬â„¢s primary project was to create a site plan for the Greeningí¢â‚¬â„¢s Meyer Nursery, featuring a native tree nursery, community garden and an environmental interpretive center that highlights the natural features of the site. 

The Ihangane Project

The Natural Capital Project at World Wildlife Fund

While interning at the Natural Capital Project, Kirsten Howard assisted with the development of the Belize Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan. She designed and traveled to Belize to carry out an assessment of the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement during the planning process and provided preliminary recommendations to key actors about how to improve the engagement process going forward. She also assisted with efforts to understand the current state of ecosystem service science and attempts to connect ecosystem services to non-financial dimensions of human well-being.

The Nature Conservancy

Nerissa Rujanavech interned with The Nature Conservancy Colorado and was responsible for the development of a conservation plan for a 1.3 million acre grassland in southeastern Colorado.

The Nature Conservancy

Amy Samples interned with The Nature Conservancy.  The internship was dedicated to analyzing the impact of recent conservation efforts on conservation outcomes.

The Nature Conservancy

Julia Lalor was a conservation planning intern at The Nature Conservancy in Boulder, Co.  Her responsibilities were twofold: helping update the conservation plan for a TNC designated conservation site and monitoring indicators in the field. 

The Nature Conservancy

During this internship, Kathryn Bomey worked with the invasive species department at The Nature Conservancy's Vermont chapter.

The Northern Forest Center

Rebecca Brooke interned with The Northern Forest Center in Portland, ME.

The Parks and People Foundation

In this internship, Amy Graul undertook the role of the Program Coordinator of the BRANCHES Summer Program. 

The Parthenon Group

Olivia had a management consulting internship focused on commercial due diligence and growth strategy.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Nayiri Haroutunian worked under the direction of Josie Elbert, Associate Director of Education Programs, to audit tree-related curricula found in museums, universities and other organizations throughout the city as requested by former Mayor Daley in his Chicago Urban Forest Agenda 2009.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Lani's Internship Summary:
For my internship, I worked at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, England. Kew is a public organization dedicated to the conservation of wild plant and fungi species with research aimed at understanding the variety of plants and fungi worldwide.

The Sonoran Institute

David Eisenhauer worked on issues related to rural land use--particularly rangeland management. A majority of his time was spent researching markets for tourism that centers around agriculture, otherwise known as agritourism. Later he worked on a report detailing current work related to co-management of rangelands. In these institutional arrangements, local users collaborate with governmental agencies, key stakeholders, and interest groups to manage both private and public lands.

The Water Initiative

Working with a small team in Gomez Palacio, Mexico, Paul Gruber helped form a team of local entrepreneurs, conducted sixteen business development workshops, and designed a water purification business plan.

The Wilderness Society

Bryce Esch worked with the Forest Ecology on the monitoring protocols for forest restoration in the Northern Rockies, collected data with a team of undergraduate field assistants, and analyzed the data to assess accuracy compared to data collected using other monitoring protocols.

The Wilderness Society

Nicholas Parker came to the Wilderness Society to work on a project that dealt with potential losses in the value of ecosystem services in the Sierra Nevada due to global warming. 

The Wilderness Society (California/Nevada Office)

Sarah Tomskyí¢â‚¬â„¢s internship provided a wide variety of experiences relating to environmental policy and planning at the regional and national level.

U.S. Department of State

Brian Smyser worked for the State Department's Bureau of Energy Resources in the Office of Electricity and Energy Efficiency. Over the summer, I managed the Bureau’s Mexico portfolio, developing research, briefs, talking points and strategies, and staffing a principal officer in Mexico City for bilateral and public-private meetings on emerging high-level energy issues.

U.S. EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ)

Marie Donahue's internship experience exposed her to how economic and benefits analyses are used for regulatory purposes. She contributed most of my time to an ongoing project that aims to test EPA’s vehicle choice model--to understand predictions about what vehicles consumers will buy in response to recent GHG and fuel economy standards. To test the model’s predictive ability, Marie was responsible for assembling and merging datasets for the model, running scenarios, and interpreting results.

U.S. Forest Service: Gifford Pinchot National Forest

During this internship, Elizabeth shadowed and conducted field research with science specialists and participated in both district-wide and forest-wide meetings. In a nutshell, she experienced the on-the-ground work as well as the larger system approach to forest management.

U.S. Geological Survey

Justin L. Heslinga interned with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Uganda Ministry of Agriculture, Animals and Fisheries

Jennifer Johnson conducted a commodity chain analysis on the local and regional trade in Uganda in Nile perch and tilapia. 

UM School of Natural Resources and Environment

SNRE student interned witih the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. 

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Micaela analyzed the long-term impact of reducing postharvest losses on climate change mitigation and food security. Developed industry analysis framework for agricultural commodities.  

University of Michigan Campus Farm at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens

University of Michigan Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute

Lindsey MacDonald performed the following duties during her internship:1) Planet Blue Ambassadors Program improvement. This program started last year as a way to encourage a culture of sustainability on campus. After its first year, they have identified areas for growth and improvement.  Sheworked to develop an online tool for sustainability leadership training and an in person model for staff and students. 2) Sustainability Leadership Program Analysis.

University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum

Xiaofei Wen surveyed and mapped invasive species. Mapped peony garden in Nichols Arboretum. Finished MBGNA GIS data catalog.

University of Michigan Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling

Elizabeth Fox gathered waste and recycle generation data from top performing facilities at the University of Michigan. 

US Department of Agriculture - Farm Service Agency

Russell Martin interned with the Conservation and Environmental Programs Division (CEPD) of the USDA Farm Service Agency.

US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation and Air Quality

During his internship, Andrew Eilbert analyzed and then fixed rates for compressed natural gas transit buses within the Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES). In addition, he wrote an accompanying report to describe my methodology for changing these rates. This work on alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles aligns nicely with his graduate coursework, where Andrew has been focusing on the development and management of low-carbon technologies in the School of Natural Resources and Environment.

US EPA Region 3 Office of Regional Counsel

With staff attorneys Sarah Wightman drafted enforcement documents to be served on respondents, such as show cause notices and complaints for UST and stormwater violations. In addition, I researched and drafted memoranda on a variety of legal questions in FIFRA and CWA civil and administrative cases, including individual and corporate liability, claim preclusion, and due process.

US Fish & Wildlife Serviceí¢â‚¬â„¢s Division of International Conservation

Angela Michalek spent the 2010 summer in Washington, DC, interning for the US Fish & Wildlife Serviceí¢â‚¬â„¢s Division of International Conservation í¢â‚¬“ Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) branch.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Hydrology, GIS, and ecology. Assessed the impacts of groundwater withdrawals for agricultural irrigation on FWS wetland water levels in Central Minnesota.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Department of Bird Habitat Conservation

Throughout the internship with US Fish and Wildlife Service's Department of Bird Habitat Conservation, Helen worked directly with project partners such as Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, and Pheasants Forever, in order to coordinate geospatial data exchange with the NAWCA/NMBCA grants office.

US Forest Service
US Forest Service - Rocky Mountain Research Station

While at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in the Science Application and Integration Section, Frank Sturges completed a number of projects related to connecting the research and management communities of the Forest Service. He developed a website with resources for forests to use under the new 2012 Planning Rule's assessment phase and wrote a "Science You Can Use Bulletin" article about the 2010 Resource Planning Act Assessment.

US Forest Service: Inyo National Forest

As a hydrologic technician, Kara Steeland worked within the watershed group at the Supervisor's Office in Bishop, CA on several projects. She collaborated with American Rivers and CalTrout to complete erosion surveys in meadows in the Golden Trout Wilderness to prioritize meadows for restoration in order to protect California Golden Trout populations. Kara also completed a monitoring project as an initial step in the NEPA process to determine hydrologic resource concerns for proposed trails in the June Lake and Mammoth Lakes areas.

USAID, EcoRegional Initiatives + Development Alternatives Inc.

Katie Pethan spent summer 2008 in Madagascar, working on a USAID Eco-Regional Initiatives project concerning invasive species management and the question of the invasiveness of Jatropha curcas in the New Protected Areas (NAPs) of the Ranomafana-Andringitra Corridor. Her home base was in Fianarantsoa, at the DAI / ERI USAID office.

USDA - Forest Service

Brandon's internship involved working for the Presentations Branch in the division of Strategic Planning, Budget & Accountability of the Forest Service. This position was located in the Washington Office (Forest Service Headquarters) in D.C. The position involved responding to budgetary queries on previous years budgets and the current years budget from Hill staff, NGOs, and other parties. Other responsibilities included participating in the development of the Agency Request and Department Estimate for the out-year President's budget request.

Valles Caldera Trust

Brittney spent her summer in the awe inspiring Jemez mountains of northern New Mexico working for the Valles Caldera Trust. Over the course of the summer she designed five different interactive exhibits to educate visitors about the Preserve's wildlife, past use, and geology.

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Dave Fribush researched and wrote a paper entitled "Electric Evolution: The Emergence of the Smart Grid and Issues it Raises for Legislators, Regulators, and Consumers". 

Vivero Alamar Organiponico Cooperative

Maria Whittaker worked at an organic farming cooperative in Havana, Cuba and was trained and educated in everything necessary to manage an organic farm and grow organic food on a medium scale. 

Wallowa Resources/Sustainable Northwest

Walt Disney Company - Disney's Animal Kingdom

As a Conservation Education Intern, Ericka Popovich gained a deeper understanding of the issues facing environmental educators today.

Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission

Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office

Washtenaw Parks & Recreation Commission

Matt Ferris-Smith assisted with the commission's communications work. Specific projects included interpretative signage, PowerPoint presentations, fliers and Facebook management. He also gathered information for the commission's next master plan, and helped to create an awards program for participants in youth interpretive activities.

Waste Management

Aaron Desatnik conducted strategic investing for Waste Management. He evaluated startups to invest in., developed presentations, and researched venture capital funds to invest in.

Waste Management

Annie White developed a business plan for a new recycling business.

Waste Management

Lindsay Sharpe was an intern for Waste Management.  

WE ACT for Environmental Justice

Alejandro Colsa was an Environmental Health Intern at the organization. He helped updating information about Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality in New York City, paying special attention to how pollution and negative health outcomes are distributed unevenly in certain parts of the city. He also attended several meetings with the NYC Green Group. Finally, Alejandro helped the organization with the development of their Membership Program (recruiting new members, giving membership orientation to new members, and having one-to-one meetings with the new members).

WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Inc.

At WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Beth Herz worked to empower residents of Harlem to influence environmental policy decisions that affect their lives.

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Wello makes the WaterWheel, a product designed to help alleviate water access issues in developing countries. Mary spent the summer designing a market entry strategy for a product pilot intended to measure social impact in rural BoP communities in Rajasthan, India. She also built financial projections and walked the CEO through a scenario planning exercise, ultimately recommending the optimal business structure.

White House Council on Environmental Quality

The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) coordinates Federal environmental efforts and works closely with agencies and other White House offices in the development of environmental policies and initiatives. Rachel Jacobson spent most of my time at CEQ working on long-term and short-term research projects. She also performed administrative tasks, including scheduling meetings, compiling talking points, and front desk duty (answering phones, welcoming guests, etc.) Her biggest contribution to CEQ was my work on the GreenGov Workshop on Climate Science and Adaptation Planning.

World Resources Institute

Brendan Hall completed research tasks for the Nature for Water initiative at WRI. Nature for Water argues the 'business case' for conservation, where 'natural infrastructure' investments can bring water quality and quantity improvements at equal or lesser cost than 'gray infrastructure' while providing the same services. The research he did mostly related to a publication being put together by WRI on natural infrastructure investment across the globe.

World Resources Institute

Yi Hou identified data sources for Colorado River Basin water risk index including water withdrawal, run off, population change rate, drought (standard precipitation index), and reservoir capacity percentage.  She produced maps illustrating current, short, medium and long term geographic water risk levels for power plants by county in the Colorado River Basin. 

World Resources Institute

Lilly Connett spent her summer working in the Markets and Enterprise Program (MEP) of the World Resource Institute (WRI). 

World Resources Institute

Emily Taylor spent the majority of her time at WRI shepherding two working papers through the publication process. The first working paper, she helped with the final components of editing, revising, research, and review before proofing and publishing. The second paper she contributed more substantially to the content (is now listed as an author), and guided it through the internal review and partway through the external review.

World Wildlife Fund

Michelle Zilinskas supported business partnerships in the area of energy and climate protection on WWF's Business & Industry Team. These strategic program partnerships, such as the US Climate Savers Program, and other strategic campaigns are designed to result in reduced GHG emissions and curb climate impacts.

World Wildlife Fund

Josh Stacy interned with the World Wildlife Fund in Washington, DC.

World Wildlife Fund

Hannah Erickson worked as a Research Associate at World Wildlife Fund looking at risk assessments of agricultural commodities and reported results back to client companies who sources those commodities.

World Wildlife Fund (and The Coca-Cola Company)

In this internship, Matt McMurtry was responsible for helping develop a sustainable supply strategy for The Coca-Cola Company. 

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Berlin, Germany

Jasmine Jieru Zhang interned with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Berlin, Germany. 

World Wildlife Fund í¢â‚¬“ Indonesia

Monique Toubia, a recent graduate of SNRE, participated in a three month long internship with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 

World Wildlife Fund Romania

In this internship Scott provided assistance with the first stages of developing a database that would become an online mapping tool concerning protected areas accessible to both decision makers and citizens.  The bulk of this work involved creating maps in GIS of fish farms and land use and organizing the data associated with them accordingly. 

Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch Institute
Weina Wang wrote reports and processed data during her internship at the Wolrdwatch Institute
Worldwatch Institute

Allie Goldstein worked on a renewable energy roadmap for Central America, looking at policy barriers and enablers to scaling up wind, solar, geothermal, and small hydro in the region. She learned a lot about grid expansion efforts and distributed, off-grid renewable systems. Allie also had the opportunity to attend a policy workshop in Nicaragua to engage with stakeholders and hear renewable energy success stories firsthand.

WWF - Indonesia

Christopher Theriot interned with the World Wildlife Fund in Indonesia.

Xerces Society

In this internship Heather Briggs worked with farmers, and non-profits to design pollinator habitat in blueberry farms in Massachusetts. Heather enjoyed the research that was involved as it helped her learn native plants of the east and allowed her to facilitate between growers, scientists and nonprofit  employees.

Zeller Realty Group

Nalin was hired as an EDF Climate Corp fellow to work for a commercial real estate firm in Chicago.

Zoological Society of London

Meg assisted in (1) training the local communities, NGOs, and LGUs in mangrove and beach forest rehabilitation, (2) training People's Organizations (POs) with sustain