School of Natural Resources and Environment

Sussman Internship Reports

Alliance for the Great Lakes

Sarah Geise intered at Alliance for the Great Lakes and focused on policy and planning for separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins to prevent transfers of aquatic invasive species with a heavy emphasis on public messaging. Side projects included social media outreach, a bi-state coastal restoration planning project and database use. Writing for the general public and GIS analysis were important aspects of this internship and it was a very rewarding first experience for Sarah to work with a non-profit/NGO.

City of Ann Arbor Energy Office

In this internship Laura Palombi engaged and coordinated internal and external stakeholders to develop energy efficiency financing programs for the City of Ann Arbor's Energy Office.

Sierra Club
Interning with the Sierra Club Detroit provided Ryan Stock with the perfect application to strategies and theories he had learned at SNRE. Perhaps the most profound experience was working closely with Rhonda Anderson, who is a virtuoso of community organizing. His analytical skills were employed doing investigative research into the toxic releases of industries in correlation to how these releases pose a threat to public health and decline of ecosystem health.
The Sonoran Institute

David Eisenhauer worked on issues related to rural land use--particularly rangeland management. A majority of his time was spent researching markets for tourism that centers around agriculture, otherwise known as agritourism. Later he worked on a report detailing current work related to co-management of rangelands. In these institutional arrangements, local users collaborate with governmental agencies, key stakeholders, and interest groups to manage both private and public lands.

World Resources Institute

Lilly Connett spent her summer working in the Markets and Enterprise Program (MEP) of the World Resource Institute (WRI).