Internship Letter of Support Suggested Guidelines

Internship Letter of Support Suggested Guidelines
Letter of Support on letterhead from the internship supervisor of your sponsor organization. This letter should include the following information:
a. Name of supervisor.
b. Description of what you will be doing (what goals you will accomplish).
c. Description of how the internship will be supervised.
d. A description of how the intern, the organization, and the environment will benefit from the intern's work
e. Exact start and end dates.
f. Indicate the amount and type of compensation (if any) student will receive - if no compensation will be given, be sure to specifically mention that it will be unpaid.

First paragraph: Explain the organization (what does your organization work to accomplish, who do you help, what's your mission, etc). Explain that you are excited to take the student on as your intern.
Second paragraph: Internship details. Be as specific as possible. Who will supervise the intern (with contact information), dates of internship, the location of the internship, and discuss what work the intern will accomplish (this can be done in paragraph form or numerically). For example:

1) Student will Develop x, y, z
2) Student will Gather x, y, z
3) Student will Reach Out to x, y, z
4) Student will Produce x, y, z
5) Student will Gain Skills x, y, z

The organization may want to comment on how the intern will be able to network with other professionals in the field (intern may be going to a conference, regional meetings, etc).

Final paragraph: Restate how the intern, organization, and environment would benefit from the work of the internship. Indicate any type of compensation that will be given or mention that the internship will be unpaid.