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You've probably never seen a bird like this before.  

SNRE students have -- during a three-hour ornithology lab (EEB/NRE 433) where each student got to prepare their own study skin, the technical term for an animal that is prepared and stored for the purpose of scientific research.

Unlike taxidermied mounts, study skins are unposed and arranged in neat rows inside of airtight cabinets, usually inside of a natural history museum where they can stay for 200 years or more.

The United Nations (UN) will be hosting an international conference on climate change next month in Lima, Peru. The conference is part of a series of sessions being held to prepare global partners to reach an ambitious climate agreement in Paris in 2015. SNRE Student Arman Golrokhian, specializing in Sustainable Systems and international affairs, had the privilege of being invited to attend a preliminary round of negotiations in Bonn, Germany held earlier this year.

The high bar may be SNRE student and gymnast Ian Makowske’s specialty, but he’ll also be raising the sustainability bar at this year’s NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championship. Thanks to the work of Ian and others involved in planning, the 2014 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championship was the first ever zero-waste event of this kind. The event took place on April 10-12 at the University of Michigan’s Crisler Center.