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You've probably never seen a bird like this before.  

SNRE students have -- during a three-hour ornithology lab (EEB/NRE 433) where each student got to prepare their own study skin, the technical term for an animal that is prepared and stored for the purpose of scientific research.

Unlike taxidermied mounts, study skins are unposed and arranged in neat rows inside of airtight cabinets, usually inside of a natural history museum where they can stay for 200 years or more.

On Tuesday, January 21st, several members of the SNRE community braved the polar vortex to attend a special one-night screening of the award-winning environmental documentary, Elemental, at the historic Michigan Theater.  Produced by Go Project FilmsElemental tells the story of three change-makers from across the world fighting environmental challenges in their respective communities – namely, to restore the G

On what was scheduled to be the final day (it was not) of this year's United Nations climate change negotiations, I arrived at the Warsaw stadium ready for a day of negotiations and (hopefully) finalizing last minute deals.  Unfortunately, I was not immediately so fortunate.  First, only a limited number of non-governmental organization (NGO) delegates were allowed in the negotiating room, which was full when I arrived, so I had to wait in a line and was soon informed that it could take a while before I would be allowed entry.

It’s 2:05am, Saturday, November 23 2013 and the United Nations climate negotiations are trudging on through the night. Delegates are exhausted, some sleeping on chairs, some sauntering down the corridors in search of a midnight snack (errrr, late lunch? dinner?), and others, of course, sparring on such minutia as the use of the word “objective” versus “ultimate objective.”