School of Natural Resources and Environment

Below you will find a list of all classes offered at SNRE. Click on the Syllabus links next to each course name to preview each course's syllabus and requirements. In addition, you can see how previous students rated their academic experience in each course by clicking on the following link:

Course Title Department Number Syllabus Fall Winter
Ecology of Fishes NRE 409 Jim Diana Yes No
Behavioral Ecology & Conservation Biology NRE 415 Bobbi Low, Syllabus Yes
Field Skills in Wildlife Behavior NRE 416 Yes No
Biology of Fishes NRE 422 Lauren Sallan Yes No
Biology of Fishes Laboratory NRE 423 Yes
Soil Ecology NRE 430 Don Zak, Syllabus Yes
Woody Plants: Biology and Identification NRE 436 Syllabus, Christopher Dick Yes No
Biology of Mammals NRE 451 Priscilla Tucker Yes
Environmental Law NRE 475 Sally Churchill, Syllabus Yes
Ecosystem Ecology NRE 476 Mark Hunter, Syllabus Yes
Climate Change: The Move to Action NRE 480 Richard Rood, Syllabus Yes
Sustainable Aquaculture NRE 501.007 Jim Diana, Syllabus Yes
Analysis and Modeling of Ecological Data NRE 501.010 Ines Ibanez, Syllabus Yes
Digital Media for Landscape Architects NRE 501.021 Yes
Urban Agriculture NRE 501.031 MaryCarol Hunter, Syllabus Yes No
Environmental Input-Output Analysis NRE 501.036 Ming Xu, Syllabus Yes
Urban Sustainability NRE 501.037 Josh Newell Yes
Foundations of Sustainable Food Systems NRE 501.038 Jennifer Blesh Yes No
Land Use and Global Change NRE 501.039 Dan Brown Yes
Urban Stormwater: Science, Design, and Management NRE 501.040 Joan Nassauer, Allen Burton Yes No
Climate Policy NRE 501.041 Rosina Bierbaum, Syllabus Yes
Science and Management of the Great Lakes NRE 501.046 Dave Allan Yes
Poverty, Environment, and Inequality NRE 501.055 Dorceta Taylor Yes
Social Vulnerability and Adaptation to Environmental Change NRE 501.056 Yes
Economics of Environment & Development NRE 501.059 Robyn Meeks Yes
Environmental Regulation NRE 501.060 Gloria Helfand Yes
Technology and Community Sustainable Development NRE 501.087 No Yes
Justice Issues in Conservation and Sustainability NRE 501.089 Rebecca Hardin, Syllabus Yes
Renewable Electricity and the Grid NRE 501.091 Jeremiah Johnson No Yes
Applied Ecosystem Modeling NRE 501.114 Bill Currie Yes
Landscape Ecology NRE 501.114 Bill Currie Yes
Institutions and Resources: IFRI Theory and Methods Research Seminar NRE 501.117 Arun Agrawal, Syllabus Yes
Political Ecology, Environmental Security and Conflict NRE 501.123 Bilal Butt, Syllabus Yes
Imprints and Archetypes: History and Theory of Landscape Design NRE 503 Yes
Human Resource Ecology NRE 505 Bobbi Low, Syllabus Yes
Wetland Ecology NRE 508 Syllabus
Ecology: Science of Context and Interaction NRE 509 Syllabus Yes
Environmental Decision Making and Governance NRE 510 Bilal Butt, Michael Moore, Syllabus Yes
Ethics of Corporate Management NRE 512 David Hess Yes Yes
Strategies for Sustainable Development NRE 513 Andy Hoffman, Syllabus Part 1, Syllabus Part 2 Yes
Environmental Impact Assessment NRE 514 Stuart Batterman Yes
Aquatic Entomology NRE 516 Mike Wiley, Syllabus Yes
Conservation Biology NRE 517 Brad Cardinale, Syllabus Yes
Fluvial Ecosystems NRE 520 Yes
Field Methods in Fluvial Ecosystems NRE 521 Yes
Ecological Risk Assessment NRE 523 Allen Burton, Syllabus Yes
Erb Institute Seminar NRE 526 Tom Lyon Yes
Energy Markets and Energy Politics NRE 527 Tom Lyon, Syllabus Yes
Principles of GIS NRE 531 Dan Brown, Syllabus Yes Yes
Natural Resource Conflict Management NRE 532 Julia Wondolleck, Syllabus Yes
Negotiating Skills In Environmental Dispute Resolution NRE 533 Julia Wondolleck, Steve Yaffee, Syllabus Yes
GIS and Landscape Modeling NRE 534 Dan Brown, Syllabus Yes
Module on Environmental Mediation NRE 536 Julia Wondolleck, Steve Yaffee, Syllabus Yes
Natural Resource Statistics NRE 538 Syllabus Yes
GIS and Natural Resource Applications NRE 540 Shannon Brines, Syllabus Yes Yes
Remote Sensing of Environment NRE 541 Kathleen Bergen, Syllabus Yes
Environmental Spatial Data Analysis NRE 543 Syllablus Yes
Forest Ecology in a Changing World NRE 547 Ines Ibanez, Syllabus Yes
Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development NRE 550 Tom Gladwin, Syllabus Yes
Ecosystem Services NRE 552 Brad Cardinale, Michael Moore, Syllabus Yes
Climate and Development: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Less Developed Countries NRE 555 Maria Carmen Lemos, Syllabus Yes
Field Ecology NRE 556 Ivette Perfecto, John Vandermeer Yes
Industrial Ecology NRE 557 Greg Keoleian, Syllabus Yes
Water Resource Policy NRE 558 Syllabus Yes
Behavior and Environment: Transitional Thinking for the New Normal NRE 560 Ray DeYoung, Syllabus No Yes
The Psychology Of Environmental Stewardship NRE 561 Ray DeYoung, Syllabus Yes
Environmental Policy, Politics and Organizations NRE 562 Steve Yaffee, Syllabus Yes No
International Environmental Policy NRE 563 Arun Agrawal Yes
Localization: Transitional Thinking for the New Normal NRE 564 Ray DeYoung, Tom Princen Yes
Principles of Transition: Food, Fuel and Finance in a Biophysically Constrained, Ethically Challenged World NRE 565 Thomas Princen Yes
Public Opinion and the Environment NRE 566 Paul Mohai, Syllabus No Yes
Transportation Energy & Climate Policy NRE 567 Syllabus Yes
Reconnect and Revitalize: Transitional Thinking for the New Normal NRE 568 Ray De Young, Tom Princen Yes
Environmental Econ: Quantitative Methods & Tools NRE 570 Michael Moore, Syllabus Yes
Sustainable Energy Systems NRE 574 Greg Keoleian, Syllabus Yes
Ecological Design Approaches to Brownfield Redevelopment NRE 576 Joan Nassauer, Syllabus Yes
Advanced Environmental Education NRE 581 Michaela Zint, Syllabus No Yes
Seminar on CAD NRE 585 Yes
Visualizing the Environment NRE 586 Yes
Place and Environment / Making Place Design Studio NRE 587 Syllabus Yes
Site Engineering NRE 588 Syllabus Yes
Ecological Restoration NRE 589 Bob Grese, Brad Cardinale Yes
Ecological Site Design 1 & 2 NRE 590 MaryCarol Hunter, Joan Nassauer Yes
Materials and Methods NRE 591 Stanton Jones, Syllabus
Environmental Planning: Issues & Concepts NRE 592 Ana Paula Pimental Walker Yes
Environmental Justice NRE 593 Paul Mohai Yes
History of Environmental Thought and Activism NRE 596 Dorceta Taylor Yes
Environmental Systems Analysis NRE 597 Shelie Miller, Syllabus Yes
Natural Resource Internship - Graduate NRE 598
Directed Research and Special Problems NRE 600
Green Development NRE 605 Syllabus Yes
Land Use and Physical Planning Studio NRE 631 Maria Arquero De Alarcon Yes
Advanced Seminar in Resource Ecology NRE 639 Yes Yes
Life History, Behavior, and Conservation Vulnerability NRE 639.025 Yes
Conservation Ecology Seminar NRE 639.049 Yes
Food Sovereignty NRE 639.075 Ivette Perfecto Yes
Conservation Biology & Ecosystem Health NRE 639.108 Johannes Foufopolous No Yes
Future Scenarios for Global Food Security NRE 639.114 Bill Currie Yes
Research Methods in Environment and Behavior NRE 641 Syllabus Yes
Conservation Behavior Seminar NRE 661
Seminar in Resource Policy and Administration NRE 662
Food & Fuel: Research Questions at the Base of the Economy NRE 664 Tom Princen Yes
Advanced Natural Resource Economics NRE 668 Kai-Uwe Kuhn, Ryan Kellogg Yes
Advanced Environmental Economics NRE 669 Shaun McRae Yes
RPB Research Seminar NRE 677
Environmental Education & Behavior Change: A Review of the Evidence NRE 677.012 Michaela Zint Yes
Climate Change Adaptation NRE 677.041 Rosina Bierbaum, Syllabus Yes
Environmental Justice and Health NRE 677.042 Paul Mohai Yes
Advanced Seminar in Political Ecology NRE 677.123 Bilal Butt Yes No
Science Illustration: Field Sketching NRE 684
Environmental Policy NRE 686 Syllabus
Landscape Planning and Analysis NRE 687 Yes
Site Planning and Design NRE 688 Syllabus
Ecological Planting Design Studio NRE 691 MaryCarol Hunter, Syllabus Yes
Masters Thesis/Practicum NRE 700
Master's Project NRE 701
Master's Project Planning NRE 701.888 Avik Basu, Syllabus (draft) No Yes
Research Paradigms NRE 741 Maria Carmen Lemos, Syllabus Yes Yes
Metropolitan Dynamics Studio NRE 787 Joan Nassauer, Syllabus Yes Yes
Dissertation/Precandidate NRE 990
Dissertation/Candidate NRE 995 Yes Yes