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We welcome all prospective SNRE students to visit us in Ann Arbor. If you are interested in visiting the Dana Building to learn what SNRE has to offer, click here to schedule a visit through the Office of Academic Programs.

About Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a city with a rich history and an engaging mix of urban living and Midwestern sensibilities. Local historians maintain that Ann Arbor was named for the city founders' wives, both named Ann, and the bountiful forests in the area.

True or not, it certainly makes sense since Ann Arbor has half as many trees as it does people. Fifty-thousand trees live among the city's more than 100,000 permanent residents. There is no better place to study and research the environment than a city where there is one tree for every two people.

For more information on the school and the Ann Arbor community, visit Student Life, or the Uniquely Michigan site.

Directions and resources:

Parking information:

  • SNRE Location: The Dana Building is located in the northeast corner of the Diag, an open square with diagonal walkways that, together with the Campus Mall, defines the core and the heart of Central Campus. It is bordered by the Chemistry Building, C.C. Little Building and Randall Laboratory.
  • Parking: Metered parking is available on streets and in surface parking lots all over campus and in cashier-attended City of Ann Arbor structures on South Forest and Maynard Streets.
  • Visitor Parking: Designated visitor parking is available in some University lots. Check signs posted at the entrances to the lots.
  • Handicapped Parking: Designated spots are provided in all University-operated lots and structures. E-mail to obtain the required pass.
  • Enforcement: Faculty/staff designations, metered parking, loading zones and other parking regulations are enforced at all times.
  • Additional information: To learn more about parking on campus, visit the Parking and Transportation Services Web site.